First Look: VZ Grips Colt G10 1911 Pistol Grips

posted on September 20, 2017
Colt announced that it had partnered up with VZ Grips in 2017 to produce a new Signature line of OEM handgun grips for the company's line of 1911 pistols.

“We couldn’t be prouder of our association with VZ Grips,” said Justin Baldini, product director for Colt. “VZ Grips has established themselves as one of the premier G10 grips manufacturers in the industry, and their quality and toughness is a perfect fit for Colt."

The partnership came about after Colt customers noticed that many of the company's more recent offerings, like the new Colt Competition Pistol and the Combat Unit Rail Gun, came equipped with attractive G10 handgun grips designed by VZ Grips and requested that options be available to equip other Colt 1911s in their collection.

"We listened, and now we can anyone who’s looking for an excellent, duty-grade option for their Colt 1911 platform pistol, need look no further than VZ Grips’ Colt Signature Series," Baldini said.

The VZ Grips line of handgun grips are constructed from durable, weatherproof G10 material, a fiberglass laminate that features differently colored layers that produce attractive patterns and designs after machining. The grips durable, artificial construction makes them ideal for use in rugged environments, since they're impervious to moisture and offer a solid base for aggressive texturing, like those found in the new Colt lineup.

“When Colt approached us to develop the next chapter in Colt pistol grips, I was excited,” said John VanZyck, president of VZ Grips Custom Gun Grips. “All of our products are made right here in the USA, so working with Colt is a great fit for us. We share Colt’s commitment to quality and performance in the harshest environments, so to be able to incorporate our passion for making the best pistol grips into Colt’s legendary history is a great opportunity for us.”

The grips feature a classic Double Diamond pattern engraved onto the surface for an enhanced, secure hold. Grips are available in black, black and blue, black and cherry or black and gray colors. All grip options in the VZ Grips Colt Signature series are sized to fit Government model 1911s. The suggested retail price for the grips start at $69.


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