Rossi Brawler

First Look: Rossi Brawler Pistol

A single-shot, single action pistol that serves more than a single purpose.

Colt CZ Group Enters Ammunition Business

SwissAA to join other companies under the Colt/CZ Group umbrella.

The Colt RAF 1911

For years, my father had tormented me by letting me know he had a Colt .45 in the house, but I never knew where it was, nor was I even allowed to set eyes upon the shooting iron that I imagined was nickel-plated with a 5.5-inch barrel and stag grips.

Why Would You Choose An Unusual Gun?

Exclusivity can also be achieved with novel engineering rather than high cost.

Once And Future Snake: The Colt Python

Colt’s other iconic revolver has had a serpentine history.

Fightin' Iron: The Appeal of the Thompson

More than just a Hollywood prop for gangster movies, the Thompson was a legitimate game-changer.

A New Bolt From Colt

Colt’s new CBX bolt-action rifle puts the company back in the long-range game.

Texas Rangers at 200

This year, the Texas Ranger Division is celebrating its 200th anniversary. Although some historians date the beginning of the organization to 1835, the Rangers themselves trace their beginnings back to Stephen F. Austin’s colony and the organization of ranging companies to protect the early settlers. 

Relax and Love the Reboot

Sometimes, a revision actually improves on the original

Which .41 Magnum?

A tale of two wheelguns

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