New Pistol-Caliber Carbines for 2023

Long guns, short rounds.

posted on May 15, 2023
New Pistol-Caliber Carbines for 2023

The firearm industry has become more flexible in response to an increasingly diverse consumer base. New models reflect varying consumer interest driven both by uncertain times and the availability of new technology.

In 2023, the handgun market continues to be brisk. Manufactures are competing strongly with one another, with “ready” being the marketing watchword. New pistols are touted as “optics ready,” “suppressor ready” or both. Feature-laden and often high-end variations of the Gen3 Glock are plentiful from both boutique and not-so-boutique manufacturers. The contraction of double-stack carry guns seems to have waned in favor of expansion of those same frames, with several micro 9s offered in slightly larger variants. While we’re seeing that there is no limit to the refinements possible to the 1911, the big trend in single-action semi-automatics is toward the 2011. In long guns, while new versions of MSRs continue to be introduced, wilderness/survival guns are appearing more frequently, as are affordable long-range bolt actions. In both rifles and shotguns, “ready” has also become a thing, with MRDS-cut receivers and threaded barrels now offered.

Henry | Homesteader 9 mm

Henry | Homesteader 9 mm
Yes, it’s a semi-automatic rifle from Henry, and yes, the company put all the care and detail it puts into its lever-action guns into this new offering. Using proprietary five- or 10-round magazine, there are also adapters for Glock, SIG Sauer or Smith & Wesson M&P pistol magazines.

▶1/2x28 threaded barrel
▶American walnut stock
▶Ambidextrous bolt handle
▶Weaver scope mount

Caliber: 9 mm
Magazine Capacity: 10 rounds
Barrel Length: 16.4 inches
Overall Length: 35.8 inches
Weight: 6 pounds, 10 ounces
MSRP: $928
(866) 200-2354

KelTec | R50

KelTec | R50
Proving that the company knows what its customers want, KelTec has introduced the R50, a carbine version of the popular P50 released a few years ago. Using the same FN PS90 magazine, the R50 features a folding stock, threaded barrel and an AR-style charging handle.

▶QD sling mount
▶Side-folding stock
▶Picatinny rail for optics
▶Ambidextrous safety lever

Caliber: 5.7x28 mm
Magazine Capacity: 50 rounds
Barrel Length: 16.1 inches
Overall Length: 16.1 to 30.5 inches
Weight: 3 pounds, 8 ounces
MSRP: $815
(800) 515-9983

Smith & Wesson | M&P FPC

Smith & Wesson | M&P FPC
In yet another surprising move from Smith & Wesson, the M&P line of rifles gained a pistol-caliber offering in the FPC. With a mechanism that folds the barrel alongside the receiver, the FPC is easy to store and transport.

▶Takes M&P magazines
▶Threaded barrel
▶Carry bag
▶Magazine storage in stock

Caliber: 9 mm
Magazine Capacity: 23 rounds
Barrel Length: 16.3 inches
Overall Length: 16.4 to 30.4 inches
Weight: 5 pounds, 1 ounce
MSRP: $659
(800) 331-0852

Springfield Armory | SAINT Victor 9 mm Carbine

Springfield Armory | SAINT Victor 9 mm Carbine

All the easy-to-shoot and easy-to-use characteristics of a Springfield Armory AR-15, but with the recoil of 9 mm. This pistol caliber carbine is built with to same high standards as the rest of the SAINT Victor line and uses 32-round Colt/Uzi magazines to keep the fun going as long as possible.

▶Forward Blast Diverter muzzle device
▶Flip-up BUIS
▶Ambidextrous safety
▶Six-position adjustable stock

Caliber: 9 mm
Magazine Capacity: 32 rounds
Barrel Length: 16 inches
Overall Length: 31.8 to 35 inches
Weight: 6 pounds, 14 ounces
MSRP: $1,299
(800) 680-6866


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