New for 2020: Mossberg 940 JM Pro

posted on January 21, 2020

Mossberg has come a long way from its basic Model 500 pump guns of yesteryear. No better example can be given than its newest entry in the market, the Model 940 JM Pro. If the venerable 500 is the entry level Honda Accord that is reliable and affordable, the 940 (Jerry Miculek) Pro is the company’s Formula One racecar.

Mossberg took the advice of perhaps the best all-around competitive shooter in the history of the world, Jerry Miculek, to make a competitive 3-gun-ready shotgun right out of the box. But what makes a shotgun good for 3-Gun competition also makes it great for home defense, and so the 940 is perfect for both.  

In essence, the 940 JM Pro is a gas-operated semi-automatic that holds 9 plus 1 rounds thanks to its included magazine tube extension. The gas system was redesigned and the internal parts were finished in slick nickel boron so that the action cycles uber-fast and smoothly, thereby cycling shells as fast as Jerry can pull the trigger—and that’s fast! Smoother internal parts also equates to better reliability. 

The shotgun features oversized controls that help shooters and home defenders operate the gun quickly and without looking while under pressure. And when I say oversized, I mean it! The giant bolt lever and bolt release button are practically unmissable. The loading port and gate have been slightly opened for fast, intuitive loading that won’t pinch the fingers.

The shotgun features a 24-inch vent-rib barrel that’s threaded for the included Briley choke tubes (C, IC, M) that are optimized for this gun. It wears Hi-Viz fiber-optic front light pipe. 

But perhaps the best thing about this shotgun is its fit. Jerry obviously knows the benefits of shooting a low-profile shotgun that fits properly so felt recoil is mitigated while the gun can be fired intuitively so the pattern strikes where the shooter looks. The 940 comes up naturally, aligns the eye along the rib and handles beautifully between the hands. Length-of-pull can be adjusted with the included shim kit. I really like the urban camo-and-matte finish of the defensive model.

In sum, the 940 JM Pro from Mossberg is a true race car of a shotgun, and one that home defenders should consider before purchasing anything else. Hey, if it's good enough for Jerry baby, it's good enough for me! $1,015


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