New for 2020: Beretta 1301 Comp Pro

posted on January 25, 2020
Beretta is the oldest gun maker in the world and likely the biggest. It knows shotguns and in my opinion makes some of the best semi-automatics in the world. It is not a stretch to say that a few of its semi-automatic shotgun lines are the softest recoiling shotguns on the market. This is important, because shotguns fired with full-power loads can really be punishing, and while in the heat of the moment recoil won't be felt, guns that hurt to shoot are not often practiced with.

First, Beretta's gas action naturally mitigates recoil. Secondly, the soft cushiony comb acts like a pillow as the gun comes up and back to the face. And finally, the B-Steady system is an actually spring-type shock absorber hidden within the stock that physically soaks up recoil energy so that it doesn't reach the shoulder all at once. The 1301 Pro Comp features either an 21- or a 24-inch barrel, oversized controls, a vent-rib barrel and a receiver that's ready for Beretta's optic rail accessory. A mag tube extension is also available. While this gun's roots is competitive shooting, the shorter barrel version is perfect for home defense—even with the blue anodized finish.

While designed as a shotgun for competition, many of the features that make the Comp Pro such a formidable tool for the competitor also apply to the home-defense arena. Shooters like lots of capacity - so the Comp Pro offers 10+1 rounds - which is also important for defense. Shooters aren't the only ones that like large, easy-to-actuate controls - folks running guns for home defense like those, too. And the same recoil-mitigation aspects that help competitors stay on target when shooting rapidly will make the experience of shooting the Comp Pro more appealing - meaning you're more likely to practice with it if it's your home-defense shotgun.


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