New for 2020: Hatsan Escort BTS 410

posted on January 24, 2020

One of the more interesting guns on the entire Shot Show floor was the BTS 410 from Escort. The semi-automatic bullpup has a detachable magazine that holds five rounds of .410 bore. Now tell me that isn’t cool! Despite weighing a hair over 6 pounds, recoil won’t be a problem thanks to the .410. But the gauge is just one feature—this shotgun has it all. 

First, it’s a gas-action semi-automatic featuring a 20-inch, fluted barrel. Owing to the bullpup design that moves the receiver behind the trigger hand, it’s only 30 inches overall, making it the perfect shotgun for a backpack. So many bullpups I’ve shot are horribly uncomfortable and bang your cheek like a hammer, but not so with the BTS thanks to an adjustable comb that provides a proper cheekweld. I also like the gun's sight rail that contains flip-up iron sights, but doubles as a carry handle.

If you prefer an optic, however, simply remove it to gain access to the Picatinney rail. Soft-touch rubber panels on the grip and fore-end provide solid purchase. What’s more, the bolt’s charging handle can be removed and installed on the other side of the bolt, making the BTS ambidextrous. Finally, an additional rail on the side is perfect for attaching a light or laser. It’s got sling studs and comes with two magazines. But you want to know perhaps the best aspect of this shotty? It costs under $600!  


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