New for 2019: Rock River Arms LAR-15 A4 SBX-K Pistol

posted on December 5, 2018
In recent years, the innovation of the pistol-stabilizing brace encouraged an expanding market of AR-style pistols that provides consumers with a compact, lightweight platform complete with all the modular benefits of the AR-15. One of the latest options in the AR-pistol market is the Rock River Arms LAR-15 A4, complete with the new, shortened SBX-K stabilizing brace from SB Tactical.

Based on the original SBX brace design, the SB Tactical SBX-K provides AR-pistol owners with a shortened brace complete with a subdued profile and added contact points for flexibility in shooting positions. Users can secure the brace to their forearm with the included hook-and-loop strap for added stability, and the brace also provides a natural contact point for a cheek weld, should shooters opt for that stabilization technique instead.

Two models of the Rock River Arms LAR-15 A4 SBX-K pistol are available, both of which are chambered in 5.56 NATO. One model is equipped with a shortened 7-inch barrel, which is surrounded by a 6-inch, free-float handguard machined from aluminum. The other option in the lineup features a 10.5-inch barrel surrounded by a 9.25-inch free-float aluminum handguard. Both pistol fore-ends feature M-Lok attachment points, so users can add lights, lasers and other accessories.

Each Rock River Arms LAR-15 A4 pistol is built with a chrome-moly steel barrel, complete with a 1:9-inch rate of twist. The barrels are then outfitted with a low-profile gas block and topped with a standard A2 flash hider. Machined with a muzzle thread pitch measuring 1/2-28 TPI, these barrels can accommodate most aftermarket muzzle devices for shooters who prefer a muzzle brake or sound suppressor.

Other features of these AR pistols include a Hogue pistol grip, a single-stage trigger and a flattop, optics-ready upper receiver. The guns weigh between 5.6 to 6.3 pounds, depending on barrel length, and the suggested retail price starts at $940.


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