New for 2018: Rock River Arms RRAGE AR-15 Carbine

posted on June 27, 2018
With a whole world of bolt-on enhancements, accessories and other add-ons available for the AR-15 rifle platform, some combinations can appear somewhat incongruous. For that reason, monolithic-style designs have emerged, providing seamless combinations of upper receivers, handguards and other components to produce a total package for enhanced aesthetics and feel. However, many of these packages are priced well above the budgets of many consumers, so the Rock River Arms RRAGE Carbine was built to provide all these features at prices consumers can afford.

Chambered in the popular 5.56 NATO cartridge, the stand-out feature on the RRAGE Carbine is the seamless transition from upper receiver to handguard, featuring a clean, angular design that blends the entire upper receiver into one, unique component. This arrangement was made possible through the production of Rock River Arms' all-new flattop upper receiver, machined from 6061T aluminum and providing the streamlined look found on other popular receivers. The design lacks the standard forward assist found on mil-spec uppers. Mated to the upper receiver is a CAR-length handguard machined from 6061T aluminum and designed as a free-float component that unites the entire upper receiver.

The flattop upper receiver and the monolithic handguard design also combine to provide a seamless Picatinny rail running along the top of the firearm from the rear of the receiver to the front of the handguard. This offers added flexibility in mounting optics and other accessories. The fore-end is also compatible with all M-Lok accessories, providing M-Lok-attachment slots along the left, right and bottom surfaces of the handguard. 

Inside the handguard, users will find a 16-inch barrel machined from chrome-moly steel and rifled with a 1:9-inch rate of twist. The rifle features a threaded muzzle topped with an A2-style flash hider. The rifle is equipped with a carbine-length gas system and features a low-profile gas block that juts out just forward of the short handguard. Other features of the Rock River Arms RRAGE Carbine include a standard A2 pistol grip, six-position, collapsible buttstock, single-stage trigger and two-position safety selector. The overall length of the rifle, with stock fully extended, measures 36 inches long and the weight of the gun is 5.7 pounds.

Each RRAGE AR-15 ships with a single 30-round magazine. The suggested retail price on the rifle is $759.99.


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