New for 2019: Noreen Firearms BN36X3 Carbine-X

posted on July 13, 2019

The AR platform has exploded in popularity in recent years, due, in part, to its flexibility and adaptability. From ultra-compact 9 mm pistol-style AR-15s to all manner of mid-size ARs in all manner of calibers to AR-10 style Designated Marksmen Rifles, Eugene Stoner’s uniquely adaptable platform marches on, decades after its original introduction.

With the introduction of its BN36X3 Carbine-X model chambered in either .30-06 Springfield or .300 Win Mag, Noreen Firearms takes the adaptability of the AR platform one step further. Noreen Firearms developed the BN36X3 after the success of the company's BN36 Carbine available in either the venerable .30-06 Springfield cartridge or packing the punch of .300 Win Mag.

The Noreen BN36X3 Carbine-X is packed with upgrades such as an upgraded pistol grip and a Luth AR stock, along with a lightweight  skeletal fore-end to match the company's BN36X3 Long Range model. The 16-inch barrel has a 1:10-inch twist rate, and the upper receiver is topped with Picatinny optics rail so you can add your choice of sights. Even with all of these features, and despite firing two full-power centerfire rifle cartridges, the BN36X3 Carbine weighs just 7 pounds.

BN36X3 Carbine-X Specifications

Operation: Direct Gas Impingement, Side Charging Semi Automatic
Barrel Length: 16 inches
Weight: 7 pounds
Rifling: 1:10-inch twist
Stock: Luth AR
Pistol Grip: Tactical Dynamics
Magazine: 30-06 5, 10, or 20rd; 300 Win 5 or 10 rd
Trigger: Mil-Spec
Muzzle Brake: 5/8-24 TPI Flash Hider

MSRP on the BN36X3 is $2,255, and more information is available at


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