New for 2019: Kahr Arms 25th Anniversary K9 Pistol

posted on August 10, 2019

Kahr Firearms Group is rolling out a new model in 2019 to celebrate the company's 25th year in business! The Limited Edition 25th Anniversary K9 pistol commemorates 25 years of producing high-quality firearms for the American gun owner. The Limited Edition 25th Anniversary K9 was first introduced in April 2019 during the NRA Annual Meetings, but the pistol is now available for purchase.

Each 25th Anniversary K9 gun begins as an American-built 9 mm stainless-steel Kahr K9 pistol. The guns are then custom-machined by Outlaw Ordnance of West Monroe, LA, with front and rear slide serrations, slide cut-outs and an engraved commemorative “25 Years” logo. The barrel and trigger of the pistol are brightly polished, and the finish is highly durable Sniper Grey Cerakote. The Hogue aluminum grips on this special edition of the K9 are custom-engraved with aggressive stippling and the new Kahr logo. The addition of Tru-Glo tritium night sights, canted to allow for one-handed slide operation, means that your 25th Anniversary Kahr is more than just a safe queen, it’s fully functional defensive firearm.

To celebrate Kahr's 25th Anniversary, the first Kahr K9 ever built in 1994, along with the first 25th Anniversary K9 in the series, will be displayed in the NRA National Firearms Museum in Fairfax, VA, for a six month long special exhibition.

As a limited-edition piece, only 500 production models of the 25th Anniversary K9 will be built. Each pistol will be engraved with a unique serial number used only for this limited run of 500 guns. The 25th Anniversary Kahr K9 ships in a plastic case with three magazines, a certificate of authenticity and a matching custom 1791 Gunleather holster. The 25th Anniversary K9 (K9094NC1) has an MSRP of $1,649. More information is available at


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