New for 2018: Lone Wolf Timberwolf Large Frame

posted on December 8, 2018
Adding another option to the growing collection of manufacturers servicing Glock-style pistol builders, Lone Wolf Distributors announced the launch of its Timberwolf Large Frame. This unique frame provides consumers with an innovative, slim frame designed as a starting point for big-bore builds focused on the 10 mm and .45 ACP cartridges.

“The Timberwolf Large an incredible feat of engineering," Lone Wolf Distributors CEO JR Shepard said. "Ever since we launched the first Timberwolf frames, people have been asking for a .45 or 10 mm version. We didn’t want to do it unless we could do something revolutionary, which we did by creating a frame for the G20 and G21 that feels better in the hand than a 9 mm frame."

In fact, the design of the Timberwolf Large Frame is virtually the same grip size as Glock's popular G17, despite being able to accommodate longer, larger calibers like the 10 mm and .45 ACP. After completion, company engineers measured the circumference of the Timberwolf frame and compared it to the circumference on the Glock G17. The difference was only 0.007 of an inch, comparable to a few human-hair widths.

Each Timberwolf Large Frame incorporates an undercut trigger guard, groove-less front strap, textured grip frame, flat or swelled interchangeable backstraps and an enlarged magazine well that facilitates faster reloads. For those who don't want the extra bulk of the magazine well, it can be removed. A Picatinny-railed dust cover allows for the addition of light and laser accessories.

All Glock G20 and G21 magazines fit into the magazine well of the Timberwolf Large Frame. Glock G20, G21, G40 and G41 slides will all fit the frame, provided they're from either Gen 3 or Gen 4 Glock kits. Consumers can choose from either a stripped or fully assembled frame. The company's parts kits are also available for purchase alongside the frame, including either a polymer trigger shoe or the company's Ultimate Adjustable Trigger kit. Prices on stripped Timberwolf Large Frames start at $124.95.


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