Methods of Concealed Carry

posted on April 27, 2014
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More than 300 attendees of the NRA 143rd Annual Meetings and Exhibits attended a seminar today hosted by Tom Marx, a former Chicago police officer, gunwriter and renowned instructor on firearm concealment provided a four-hour lecture and demonstration regarding proper techniques for carrying different types of guns, holsters and ammunition. It also focussed on common misconceptions driven by movies and TV.When asked what one of the biggest mistakes first-time CCW permittees make when selecting gear, Marx replied, "They don't think it through. People often imitate what they see other people do, or what they see on TV, and that typically takes them in the wrong direction."Rather than discuss individual concealment methods, Marx urged the audience to select a holster based on factors, such as their physique and activity. "I go to work everyday," he explained, "How do I get there? Do I take the bus, do I drive? If I'm going to be carrying a pistol back and forth to work, I need to examine the activity. That's why I provide people with guidelines and urge them to look at things like their daily routine, their body type and their clothing in order to see the bigger picture." Marx elucidated further saying people often research a firearm to death, whether they want a revolver or a semi-auto, hammer-fired or striker-fired. Then, they'll go back any forth on calibers until hell freezes over, but they buy the first holster to catch their eye.So what element should be stressed the most when selecting a holster? Marx responded by saying, "They have to be realistic as to whether it's not only right for their needs, but it's also right for them."


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