Lone Star Medics Launches 'Operation Analeptic' Medical Training

posted on March 6, 2019
There's a growing trend in the personal-defense community that's focused on the dissemination and incorporation of tactical medical skills and equipment into everyday-carry kits and self-defense training. The principle behind this movement is that armed citizens, who are already training for worst-case defensive scenarios, ought to have the medical skills necessary to treat themselves and others in what is a true worst-case scenario: getting shot in an attack. Texas-based Lone Star Medics is launching a new class called "Operation Analeptic," which seeks to incorporate tactical medical skills with defensive skills in a live-fire training course.

“We’re catering this event to those who may have hundreds of hours of firearms training, but need to sharpen their tactical medical skills," said Caleb Causey, owner of Lone Star Medics. "Analeptic is a central nervous system stimulant, which is exactly what this training event is all about; stimulating the central nervous system by forcing critical thinking under controlled stress."

Causey teamed up with several other industry professionals to offer the course, specifically Sherman House, D.D.S., of The Civilian Defender and Eli Miller of Direct Pressure, LLC. The class takes place from June 1-2, 2019, and provides 1.5 days consisting of multiple live-fire scenarios designed to hone both firearm-handling and tactical-medical skills, ensuring that those with skills in both areas can effectively and efficiently combine both into seamless, controlled strategies. Instructors will provide individual guidance and coaching for each student in the course. Each lead instructor will guide students through multiple skill-specific scenarios, each of which will require students to apply previously learned skills in both individual and team strategies, as well as a range of firearm-manipulation drills and medical-emergency scenarios.

The class will be held at KR Training, located in Manheim, TX, and attendees are required to meet several prior training requirements in both firearm handling and combat medical skills. Prerequisites include training in safely and effectively drawing from concealment, knowledge of modern hemorrhage-control techniques or be current military/law-enforcement personnel. More information on the course, including equipment requirements and registration details, can be found at the KR Training page here.


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