First Look: High Speed Gear 247 Trauma Wrap

posted on January 26, 2019
As today's concealed-carry holders streamline and optimize their everyday-carry kits, life-saving medical objects like tourniquets, chest seals and blood-clotting compounds are being added to their carry kits. Having these first-aid essentials on-hand to treat gunshot wounds can save lives in a crisis, whether that's the carrier's own life or the life of an individual near them. The High Speed Gear 247 Trauma Wrap allows prepared individuals to have the gear they need on their body at all times.

"In this life, unexpected things happen," said Ryan Damaska, High Speed Gear sales manager. "Being prepared to deal with those events can mean the difference between life and death. Learn to stop the bleed and carry the gear you need to do your job."

Each High Speed Gear 247 Trauma Wrap is constructed from neoprene and is designed for users to wear around the ankle. This allows stored gear to be carried easily while also being discreetly concealed by a wearer's pant leg. Neoprene padding protects the wearer's leg from uncomfortable abrasions during daily carry, and the wrap features space for a tourniquet, combat gauze, compression bandage and nitrile gloves. The wrap also features an expandable storage pocket that will accommodate chest seals, extra gauze and a clothing cutter. The wrap's neoprene construction incorporates a breathable, mesh fabric that allows the material to breathe, avoiding hot, sweaty buildups under the surface of the wrap.

Each High Speed Gear 247 Trauma Wrap measures 18.25 x 2 x 5.5 inches in overall size, and the carrier itself weighs use 4.4 ounces. Consumers must purchase applicable medical gear separately. Before carrying and applying any medical products, it's recommended that all users receive basic medical training in the proper use of items like tourniquets, as well as correct treatment procedures for gunshot wounds. The suggested retail price on the Trauma Wrap is $54.


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