Krudo Urban Gear Tatchel

posted on July 17, 2015

Carry a handgun long enough and you will soon encounter a situation where conventional concealed-carry methods (i.e., a handgun held by any of the previously discussed types of holsters and hidden by a cover garment) may be not be possible.

While a pocket holster could be a possibility, suppose the event in question was held in the northeast, during the dog days of summer and the weather forecast is predicting a sweltering 95 degrees with near identical humidity. Then there’s the annual family beach pilgrimage to consider. Suddenly, the thought of all that jumping has you second guessing a pocket holster’s merit under those circumstances—not to mention how the effects of other contributing factors like the heat, the humidity, the sand and especially your perspiration can severely damage your handgun.

For those days that preclude packing a pistol on your person, Krudo Urban Gear—a division of Krudo Knives—offers a versatile solution capable of carrying several everyday items, including a handgun, called the Tatchel. Martial artist and company founder Louis Krudo designed the Tatchel to function as a tactical everyday carry bag capable of storing and transporting those essentials no one wants to be without. A multitude of hook-and-loop fastened and zippered compartments and pockets enable folks who continue to embody the classic Boy Scout motto to “be prepared.”

The front contains a pull down pocket that conceals six internal pockets for items like driver’s license/I.D./credit cards. Pulling the hook-and-loop flap above accesses the Tatchel’s main compartment, which is large enough to conceal a Glock G23, or similar mid-size handgun. Inside are three elastic loops along the inner wall for storing spare magazines, and a looped divider with three more elastics loops that are capable of holding either more magazines, a folding knife (such as the company’s superb SNAG 2.1 Live Edge Folder) or even a flashlight. Further inspection reveals the divider is actually another compartment sealed by hook-and-loop fasteners. Pulling the loops apart grants access to a hidden hook-and-loop sealed pocket, perfect for stashing money and/or other small items like a tube of Chapstick, lipstick, etc. There’s even another dual-zippered pocket along the product’s exterior capable storing a second handgun, or another knife. (More hook-and-loop fasteners along in the interior allow for mounting a sheath at a variety of angles for easy access.) 

The Tatchel’s possesses the sane versatility on the outside as it does on the inside. The design is quite adaptable, in that it affords the user multiple carry configurations, thanks to its shoulder strap connected by fast-ex buckles, which comes complete with an extra-thick pad. (In addition to offering added comfort to offset the weight of the bag’s contents, the pad contains a zippered compartment, ideal for documents or a cell phone. A paracord zipper pull facilitates hassle–free access to your belongings, even while the pad remains in place.)

Configuring the Tatchel to for strong- or weak-side shoulder carry, positions the bag near your waistline, making it easy to covertly emulate traditional belt holster carry use. As such, handgun presentations from should be unconsciously easy, as it caters to pre-developed muscle memory.

In addition to traditional shoulder carry, the Tatchel can be adjusted so that it can be worn around the waist, a la fanny-pack fashion. While this carry method has long waned from popularity, it’s still a great way to carry a handgun without fear of it being damaged from the elements or perspiration. Moreover, because the Tatchel’s design doesn’t resemble the quintessential “fanny pack,” you’ll be able to bend in without people suspecting you may be armed.

Simply loosen the strap and the Tatchel can easily be carried below the hip. A secondary adjustable strap located on the back of the bag fastens to your leg to provide enhanced support and stability while the bag hangs low on the hip—similar tactical thigh holster. (Think of it like a modern-day buscadero rig for your pistol what would make Captain Mal Reynolds and Han Solo envious.)

Further enhancing the product’s versatility, the back of the Tatchel also features a Pouch Attachment Ladder System (or PALS). The grid of webbing provides a quick and easy means for integrating the Tatchel to various forms of load-bearing equipment, such as tactical-style vests and backpacks by way of alice clips.

If you’d like to wear the Tatchel higher on the body, with a simple adjustment of the shoulder strap it can be work across the chest. One of the more-versatile carry options, draping it from the upper body allows easy access to all its compartments—especially while seated—which has a lot of potential during long road trips or for those who are wheelchair bound, like me. Tilting it to one side still allows for a seatbelt’s chest strap and easier access to your handgun than a traditional holster, not to mention you driver’s license and money for toll booths. What’s more, it offers easy access with retention, unlike common pistol conveyances. (So you no longer need to stash your pistol in out of reach locations, like your vehicle’s console or the glove compartment.)

On the other hand, if you’re destination is the range, for example, cinching the strap down all the way quickly converts the product for carrying like a satchel Think of it a small, makeshift range bag, large enough to accommodate your pistol, spare mags, ear and eye protection and a box of ammo.

The Krudo Urban Gear Tatchel offers six cool ways to carry concealed whenever the mercury is on the rise, so the ability for an appropriate and rapid respond will always be in the forecast. MSRP: $47;


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