Hornady Granted Patents for RFID Safes

posted on April 9, 2019

Hornady has been granted two utility patents related to the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology used in the company’s premium line of RAPiD Safes. The firm first introduced the RFID approach—which ensures the gun is secured from unauthorized use, yet provides high-speed access in a life-threatening situation—to its firearm lock boxes in 2013.

“The first patent [No. 9,530,266] established the use of RFID technology in a firearm storage device while the second patent [No. 10,233,687] strengthens the company’s claims on the first.” said Tom Delattre, Hornady Security Products coordinator.

RFID uses electromagnetic fields to securely communicate between readers and tags attached to objects. When a wristband, key fob, decal or other key containing the proper RFID tag is placed over the reader on a RAPiD Safe, the safe opens immediately. The system allows fast and dependable touch-free access to a firearm or valuables—but only to authorized users.

“The RFID method allows for the fastest access to a safely locked and stored firearm,” Delattre said. “Our Hornady Security RFID products are not only California DOJ [Department of Justice] certified; they are ASTM certified—a very challenging certification to meet!”

The approach isn’t limited to home security, either. The company introduced a version in 2017 tailored for vehicles that combines RAPiD access with an unusual air-bladder-mounting system to minimize risk of the unit’s theft. It, like the entire line, comes with a cable lock, as well.  

“Hornady is known around the world for innovation, and these patents confirm that,” said Steve Hornady, company president. “But we want to be known just as far and wide for safety—providing safe and secure firearms storage devices. So, we’re doubly proud of these patents and the hard work that went into receiving them!”

Each RAPiD Safe comes with keys and/or combinations that provide a redundant backup in case of power failure or loss of the provided RFID stickers, FOB or wristband. Additional patents are pending on the innovative system.


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