Holster Review: Kinetic Concealment Hybrid IWB

posted on May 2, 2020

We all know how comfortable leather holsters can be. Their biggest downfall has always been how they close on themselves when the gun comes out, making it near impossible to re-holster one-handed. To solve this, along came the hybrid: leather in back, Kydex shell in front. 

As comfortable as leather backers are, their biggest drawback is a lack of moisture control. Carrying leather IWB on a hot summer day can be miserable if the leather gets sweaty. And it can take a whole day just to dry out, effectively rendering it unwearable in the meantime.

Jackson, TN-based Kinetic Concealment addressed this by adding two layers behind the leather. The outside layer—the one closest to the skin—is soft nylon for a smooth, comfortable feel. Sewn between the leather and nylon is a layer of neoprene rubber, like you would find on a wetsuit, to prevent moisture from reaching the leather. While this may sound like an overly thick backer, it’s thinner than you might think, at just over 1/8 inch. And all those layers make for extremely comfortable wear, something I noticed the moment I threw mine on.

The holster is held to the belt with two steel clips that are three-position adjustable for ride height and cant by flathead screws with Chicago screw backs. The shell is also adjustable for ride height in two positions with the same screw adjustment configuration. I didn’t move mine because I liked the way it felt out of the box, but I did mess with the system to make sure it worked as advertised.

As with most leather-backed hybrids, the backer began to conform to my shape after repeated wear, to the point where it became easier to take on and off. My biggest complaint about two-clip holsters is just that: They have two clips, making them harder to put in and take out and nearly impossible to adjust once they are clipped to the belt. This got easier with the Kinetic Concealment hybrid as it broke in.

This holster is a great overall design and fit. My only issue with it is the lack of retention adjustment. Again, I’m not one to tinker much with holsters because most manufacturers do a great job of setting their holsters up for success right out of the box, but some sort of retention adjustment would be nice, especially since soft-backed holsters tend to wear over time, widening the gap between Kydex and backer. It would be nice to have a way to close the gap.

The Kinetic Concealment Hybrid IWB is available for righties and lefties in a huge selection of gun choices. At $65.95, the price is right in line with similar hybrid offerings from other companies.


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