Holster Review: Comp-Tac eV2 Max

posted on January 11, 2020

Today’s concealed carry holsters must combine two features that used to be mutually exclusive: comfort and security. In the old days of IWB holsters, you had to pick which one mattered more, giving up the other. Leather holsters were comfortable but didn’t hold the gun very securely because they were usually designed for a variety of guns. When Kydex taco-shell molds first appeared, they did a great job of conforming to the nuances of the specific gun, but the hard-plastic shell pushed against the waistline, gouging with every movement. But then the hybrid revolution started and suddenly both comfort and security started to play together in the same sandbox.

One pioneer of this leather-Kydex blend was Comp-Tac. The company's latest offering, the eV2 Max, continues the tradition that made Comp-Tac an industry leader. The eV2 Max is designed mainly for appendix carry but easily fits the strong-side draw position, too.

The eV2 Max starts with a molded Kydex shell screwed to a leather backer. The holster is held onto the belt by a single clip on the trigger cover. This single clip allows easy on and off, whether carried appendix or 4 o’clock. The screws that hold the clip serve many purposes. First, as retention adjustment. Second, they hold the Comp-Tack Kick claw that adds a little extra tuck to allow the pistol grip–the biggest culprit for printing–to fit more snugly against the body. Third, they allow the clip to be adjusted up one notch if you want ultra-concealment with the gun about a half-inch lower.

Comp-Tac graciously sent me an eV2 Max to try out. Here’s my take: The comfort can’t be beat. The soft leather makes the gun basically disappear feel-wise against the body. Installation and removal were super easy with the single clip that has enough flex to easily go over my belt but is stiff enough to offer secure retention. Throughout carrying with it in different settings and conditions, it never slipped, staying put the entire time.

Even though I don’t normally carry appendix, I tried it there to see if the comfort level lived up the Comp-Tac’s hype. It was better than many other holsters, but I still have appendix carry issues, so I’m probably not the best judge. Next, I tried it in my usual strong-side 4 o’clock. The gun and holster felt secure and stayed put through a lot of sitting, standing, walking, driving and life in general.

Here comes my only big complaint about the eV2 Max: reholstering. As with every leather-hybrid IWB holster, persuading a stiff shell to stay open against a leather backer is a challenge. Drawing the gun was a breeze, but it required two hands to put it back: one to hold the gun, the other to pry open the holster. Adjusting the retention screws wasn’t the answer because then the gun was too loose. This issue might work itself out over time as the leather shapes itself.

Overall, Comp-Tac has a winner with the eV2 Max. And at $67 MSRP, it’s in line with other top-quality rigs.


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