First Look: Comp-Tac eV2 Max Appendix Hybrid Holster

posted on September 23, 2019

Expanding its lineup of carry-ready holsters in 2019, Houston-based holster maker Comp-Tac recently released a new hybrid holster designed for appendix-inside-the-waistband carry: the eV2 Max. The eV2 Max uses a combination of the high-quality materials to provide wearers with a holster that is comfortable to carry and easy to conceal.

The two-layer leather backing increases comfort by protecting the body from the firearm during IWB wear, and the Kydex shell gives a snug fit for a smooth, fast draw while maintaining the shape of the holster for easier and safer reholstering. The eV2 Max also sports the Comp-Tac Kick, a polymer piece added to help situate the firearm in a way to hide the grip by pushing it toward the body for a sleek and slim profile.

“Comp-Tac has always been known for their commitment to creating functional, comfortable and high-quality concealed carry holsters and equipment,” said Randi Rogers, director of brand management and 70-time world and national shooting champion. “The eV2 Max is the next iteration in a long line of holsters purpose built and rigorously tested. Appendix carry continues to grow in popularity with all the new compact and subcompact firearms available on the market. We strive to provide the gear that our customers want and need, and the eV2 Max is another step in doing just that.”

Comp-Tac eV2 Max Features

• Kydex shell enables easy reholster
• Features two-ply leather backing for superior comfort
• Interchangeable Kydex shells allow for carry of multiple guns with one holster
• Ride-height-adjustable clip maximizes master grip
• Comp-Tac Kick keeps pistol grip tucked against body
• Retention screws allow for perfect holster retention adjustment
• Available in both right- and left-hand configurations

MSRP on the ev2 Max is $67.00, and more information is available at


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