Holiday Gifts for the Gun Enthusiast: 10 Options from $60-124.99

posted on November 4, 2018

In our previous gift roundups for 2018, we've covered quite a few affordable items, ranging from products under $25 to bigger items under $60 that are still affordable. However, the firearm industry offers quite a few larger products that are sure to improve the shooting experience and preparedness of your outdoor shooting enthusiast. Check out these 10 great options here:

1 | Champion Targets – AR500 3/8” 66% IPSC

Constructed of AR500 steel and rated for centerfire-rifle calibers, the 66-percent IPSC silhouette target offers a familiar target for practice with a satisfying ping when hit. $109.95;

 2 | PHLster – Pocket Emergency Wallet (PEW)
Weighing in at only 5.5 ounces, the PEW fits in a back pocket and contains compressed gauze, compression bandage, gloves and WoundClot gauze for peace of mind in any situation. $64.99; 

3 | Lyman Products – Bag Jack and Match Bag Combo
There’ll never be reason to endure a less-than-perfect shooting posture with this accessory combination. Lyman’s versatile, supportive Match Bag teams with its infinitely adjustable Bag Jack to provide the optimal shooting position from any bench. $99.98;

4 | Outdoor Edge – ParaClaw CQD Watch
To bring more capabilities to survivalists and outdoor adventurers, Outdoor Edge paired its ParaClaw bracelet, complete with 1.5-inch blade, with a well-crafted watch in a water-resistant housing. $79.95; 

5 | Real Avid – Lug-Lok
If you like to tinker with your AR-15, the Lug-Lok holds the upper receiver rock-steady with precision-machined lugs that fit into the breech to hold any upper receiver, side-charger or standard. $69.99;

6 | G.P.S. – Large Rapid Deployment Sling Pack
Various external hook-and-loop and MOLLE webbing-panels enable carrying essential gear, including six AR magazines, two pistol magazines, eight shotshells and a water bottle. Inside there’s room for a knife, radio, phone, first-aid kit and a compass. $89.99;

7 | Samson Manufacturing – Pocket Comp
Looking to turn your Smith & Wesson Shield into a Roland Special? Samson Manufacturing has an aluminum compensator that installs on any threaded barrel, without gunsmithing. $64.99;

8 | Wilson Combat – Starburst Pattern 1911 Grips
Fabricated from G10, Wilson Combat’s new Black/Gray Aggressive Starburst Pattern 1911 Grips are available with a straight or beveled bottom. The intensely checkered, impervious grips provide plenty of purchase, even in wet, slippery conditions. $89.95;

9 | Fix-It Sticks – AR-15 Tool Kit
Picks, scrapers, wrenches, brushes and more all seat solidly in a nylon case barely larger than a 30-round magazine, all ready to assist in cleaning, fixing or mounting hardware to your favorite AR. $100;

10 | LaserLyte – Laser Sight Trainer for SCCY CPX 1 & 2
This new laser-aiming device works as both a laser sight and a trainer for popular SCCY CPX pistols. Align the dot with the point-of-impact of your carry load for use as a sight, or utilize the sound-activated one-tenth-second pulse to simulate bullet impact for training. $79;


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