AR500 Steel Tumbler

posted on March 28, 2015

There's much in the therapeutic value of good, old-fashioned recreational plinking. Reactive targets provide an auditory response that can't be replicated with paper, and for new shooters especially the thrill of hearing a ping as a round hits a steel plate is a great way to get hooked on shooting.

AR500 Targets make a number of great products for such endeavors, and one of the simplest and least expensive is the 1/4-inch steel tumbler. Designed for .22 LR only, this target provides four 2-inch circular pads as targets, and when hit, the tumbler falls over, providing a new, fresh target. Repeated hits send the tumbler farther and farther down range, increasing the complexity and skill needed for subsequent hits.

The tumbler can be painted (it doesn't come bright green!) a single color, or all four pads could be painted with different colors, and it takes seconds with a can of spray paint to refresh. There's a larger version with 3 1/2-inch pads available, and packages with multiple units are available.

MSRP: $20.


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