First-Rate Savings for the First-Time Shooter

posted on November 8, 2020
shooting gear

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Multiple shapes and multiple colors on the Champion VisiColor Training Targets provide a variety of aiming points to test your skills. Perfect for reaction-time drills, a splash of color resulting from bullet impact indicates the location of a good hit, making these paper targets both fun and incredibly useful as training tools. Circular sight-in zones in the top corners provide a location to ensure your sights are properly zeroed, adding to the targets’ versatility. MSRP: $21.95 (pack of 12; four of each);

2. Offering low-profile earcups for an uncompromising cheek weld when shooting long guns, Walker’s Razor Compact Electronic Earmuffs are designed to fit the head of any shooter, including women and youth participants. The hi-gain, omni-directional microphone temporarily shuts down while offering 23 dB of protection from harmful noise levels. Powered by two AAA batteries (included), other features are a folding design, a perforated comfort headband, an external battery door and a recessed volume-control knob. MSRP: $59.99;

3. Available in three different lens colors, Wiley X Saber Advanced Glasses feature a stylish, low-profile wraparound design that protects from light, wind and debris. Their lightweight, shatterproof, scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses exceed ANSI Z87.1-2003+ high-impact safety standards, without distorting colors. Selenite lenses provide protection from UV rays. Rubber grips and an adjustable nose piece offer a no-slip fit and welcome comfort. MSRP: $40;

4. No matter what your first firearm is, the Real Avid Gun Boss Pro Universal Cleaning Kit includes all of the components shooters need to maintain firearms in the field, including 50 cleaning patches, three brass-rod sections and bronze brushes/mops and jags capable of fitting .22- to .45-caliber handguns and rifles as well as 20- and 12-gauge shotguns. Best of all, everything snaps securely into the labeled compartments of its extremely durable case, so everything remains easily accessible yet secure. MSRP: $29.99;

5. Constructed from heavy-duty 600D nylon, the Lyman Handgun Range Bag features an easily accessible main compartment that boasts enough room for essential range gear. Inner and outer pockets are large enough for earmuffs, a towel and a water bottle—all while keeping contents handy and organized. MSRP: $14.98;


Burris Rangefinder
Burris Rangefinder

First Look: Burris Signature LRF 2000 Rangefinder

A ruggedized laser rangefinder suitable for use in the field or at the range.

Tails of the Chase

I’ve been called many things over the course of my short, amateur writing career, but “Scoop” is not one of them.

Empty Hands

The threat has been stopped. Now what?

First Look: Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro 10 Round Version

A reduced capacity model suitable for areas with magazine capacity restrictions.

Rifle Roundup: Springfield Armory Saint with a Holosun 510c

A defensive rifle combo that's finished off with a SureFire Scout weapon-mounted light.

First Look: MTM CaseGARD Rifle Rest

A stable platform for when precision really matters.


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