First Shots: New Holsters From Safariland

Three new holsters designed for use by the armed citizen.

posted on September 14, 2023

We had a chance to talk one-on-one with David Higginbotham from Safariland about the new products they’re releasing this year. 

Safariland has always been known for its outside the waistband holsters for military and law enforcement that provide active duty retention, and now the company is releasing more holsters that are designed for the needs of the armed citizen.

Schema IWB

In 2022, Safariland released the Schema holster, an Innovative design that cuts away all of the areas of the holster body itself that would normally reveal that you’re carrying a pistol on your person. With the Schema, there's a very positive snap that lets you know that the gun is fully seated in the holster, as well as a belt clip that allows you to anchor the holster at any point on your belt for appendix carry or strong side carry. The trigger guard is completely covered, providing you with the security that you need and have come to expect from Safariland.

Species IWB

The Species is a more traditional design with a suede lining that holds your pistol securely and protects the finish of the firearm. Just like the Schema, it has positive retention around the trigger guard and is adjustable so you can dial in the exact fit and feel you want for your firearm. Safariland is producing these holsters with an eye towards the micro compact and subcompact pistol market.


Safariland has partnered with Haley Strategic to create a holster designed for today’s concealed carry market. The IncogX can support smaller pistols like the Glock G43X and G48, but it also fits larger pistols like the Staccato 2011 and can be ordered so it works with a range of pistol-mounted lights. The IncogX is designed for appendix carry, with dual clips to hold the holster on your belt as well as an optional pouch for a spare magazine.  

For more information on these holsters or other products from Safariland, please visit


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