I Carry: Shadow Systems Foundation Series MR920 Pistol in a Safariland Holster

Today on I Carry we have a Shadow Systems Foundation Series MR920 pistol with a Trijicon RCR in a Safariland holster.

posted on October 20, 2023

Firearm: Shadow Systems Foundation Series MR920 (MSRP: $679)

We’re taking another look at the Shadow Systems Foundation Series MR920 9 mm pistol today for a number of good reasons. First, the MR920 is in what you might call the “sweet spot” for a concealed firearm, with a 4-inch barrel, 7.13-inch overall length, 4.75-inch height and 22.4-ounce weight. It’s sized similarly to the Glock G19, Smith & Wesson M&P9 Compact and others, offering a full, three-finger grip and a flush-fitting magazine capacity of 15 rounds. The MR920 is designed to accept Glock-style magazines and ships with two Magpul PMag15 magazines.

What does “Foundation Series” mean with regard to the MR920? Well, the standard Shadow Systems offerings have lightening cuts, threaded barrels, color options and other upgraded components. The Foundation Series keeps things basic without cutting corners; the excellent grip texture, interchangeable backstraps and exceptional trigger are all still present. You get the “meat and potatoes” of the Shadow Systems line, but not the extras. It’s basically the essentials of a solid, fighting pistol distilled into a cost-effective variant.

The Foundation Series does include the excellent optics cut arrangement from Shadow Systems, making adding a powered optic to the slide easy. Shadow Systems uses a series of inserts that butt up against the slide cut to secure various optics and footprints. Like other multi-optic systems, two sets of screw holes are milled into the top of the MR920’s slide to fit the vast majority of optics on the market. Using front, rear or both shims depending on the optic configuration, the optic is held in place firmly, while remaining as low as possible on the slide. This means standard height sights will work as a bottom-third co-witness.

Great ergonomics, a stellar trigger, solid grip texture and a low-mount optics system fit for a bunch of different optics? That sounds like an excellent choice for an everyday carry pistol to us. Add in a quite reasonable price, the ability to take plentiful and readily available magazines, a world of holster fits and gear, and the Shadow Systems Foundation Series MR920 is an attractive option indeed.

Holster: Safariland IncogX (MSRP: $90, $120 as shown with magazine carrier)

To carry the MR920, we’ve opted for the new IncogX holster from Safariland. Designed to work with Glock G19 pistols and others using that basic footprint, the IncogX is a collaboration between Safariland and Haley Strategic Partners. The IncogX incorporates a Boltaron core with a microfiber-suede wrap for strength and comfort, while also allowing passive retention based on the trigger guard and ejection port. There’s a wing to help tuck the IncogX in close to the body when worn in the appendix position, with two polymer belt clips on either side of the holster to spread out the weight and facilitate better concealment.

There’s a lot of customization available with the IncogX. The holster we have features an attached magazine carrier, which is available separately. It is also set up to accommodate pistols with small, attached weaponlights like the NightStick XL550 we have here on the MR920. IncogX holsters can be had without the magazine carrier and for pistols without weaponlights, for a variety of handgun fits.

Optic: Trijicon RCR (MSRP: $849)


Trijicon’s new enclosed-emitter sight, the RCR, is the last piece in today’s kit. The RCR is notable for several reasons: It’s the first enclosed-emitter sight intended to be mounted on a handgun to be offered by Trijicon. Most are familiar with the RMR and SRO for pistols; Trijicon wisely gauged the market interest in enclosed-emitter sights and developed the RCR. Next, the RCR mounts directly to the RMR footprint so common today, with no adaptor plate needed. This allows a simpler interface and fewer screws and attachment points than bolting a plate to a slide, then securing an optic to that plate.

The last item of note on the RCR, and it’s one that carries over from the new RMR HD sight and the extant SRO, is the top-mounted battery. Previous iterations of the RMR have featured batteries located on the bottom of the unit, meaning that the unit needs to be taken off the slide to replace batteries. This necessitates defeating Loctite if used, re-zeroing or at least re-checking zero and having to resecure screws and plates. With the top-mounted battery, that’s not an issue. Currently the RCR is only available with a 3.25-MOA red dot, and comes with the capstan screws needed to secure it to the slide, a torque guide, battery and Allen wrench.


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