First Shots: Trijicon RCR Red-Dot Sight

Trijicon joins the enclosed-emitter dot-sight crowd.

posted on August 1, 2023

Trijicon launched its new RCR today. What’s that? Well, it stands for Ruggedized Closed Reflex, and it’s Trijicon’s answer to the enclosed emitter. Why an enclosed emitter? Well, some folks, rightly, are concerned that, hey, if you’re out in rain, snow or just dirty, dusty environments, you might get something between the light emitter and the glass lens that would block the dot. With an enclosed emitter, that’s not going to happen.

The RCR is built tough as nails, using the standard, popular RMR footprint with unique, patented capstan screws that capture the optic and secure it to the top of your pistol’s slide. It’s super intuitive and easy to install using an included allen key to tighten down the capstan screws. We found it easiest to start one of the screws in the optic cut, then secure that side of the optic, then carefully insert the capstan screw on the other side of the optic. It takes a little finesse, especially with the footprint itself, but it is not difficult at all.

Another thing about the RCR that’s not difficult? It has a top-mounted battery. I know. Trijicon took that to heart. You won’t have to take the RCR off the pistol slide to replace the battery. Speaking of batteries, the RCR runs on a standard CR2032 battery, and Trijicon claims it will last for 6 years on brightness setting number 5. The RCR offers ten brightness settings, three of which are night vision compatible, using the manual adjustments on the sides of the optic. Currently, only a single dot size of 3.25-MOA is available.

We had a chance to test the RCR at the product launch with Scott Jedlinski of Modern Samurai Project. In addition to standard drills at 10, 25 and even 50 yards, we had a chance to test just how rugged the RCR was. Using the optic to rack the slide against a wooden bench was one of the gentler tests, with some folks dropping the optic, dragging it through the dirt and just plain beating it up. Guess what? It’s a Trijicon. It worked just fine.



Manufacturer: Trijicon; (800) 338-0563,

Magnification: 1X

Display Window Dimensions: 22 X 16 mm

Reticle: 3.25-MOA dot

Adjustability: 150 MOA total travel in 1 MOA clicks

Eye Relief: Unlimited

Length: 1.8 inches

Width: 1.2 inches

Height: 1.3 inches

Weight: 1.95 ounces

Accessories: Hard case, capstan screws, CR2032 battery, manual

MSRP: $849


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