First Look: ZRODelta DLOC-SS Bipod Assembly

posted on November 29, 2017
While bipods are a great accessory for shooters looking to build a stable, yet portable, shooting position, a major complaint of many assemblies on the market is the inability of the shooter to make easy adjustments with the bipod on the ground. These issue are solved, thanks to the introduction of the new ZRODelta DLOC-SS bipod assembly.

The new DLOC-SS bipod assembly ships with the Aimtech Warhammer tactical bipod, designed with a similar construction and setup like many Harris-style bipods on the market as a static shooting rest that, while providing stability, offers little movement or flexibility. To solve this issue, the Warhammer is mated up with ZRODelta's patented DLOC quick-detach mechanism.

The DLOC mechanism used on the DLOC-SS bipod assembly is equipped with a Picatinny-rail attachment system that incorporates 10 different engagement points and three separate recoil lugs, ensuring that it locks onto the rail and stays secure. The entire unit can be attached to any standard Picatinny rail with a simple finger screw, which can be hand-tightened and still secured to the rail.

The unique feature of the DLOC mechanism is the ability of the entire mount to cant and pan with a wider range of movement than nearly any other bipod available today. This ensures that users can cover a full field of fire without having to significantly adjust their shooting position. The other benefit of the flexibility offered by the DLOC-SS mechanism is the ability to provide secure footing on uneven terrain, ensuring that shooters can have a level sight picture without finding a level position for their bipod rest.

In addition to the bipod assembly, ZRODelta also offers its DLOC quick-detach mechanism as an upgrade kit that fits any Harris-S-style bipod on the market. For owners of Harris-style bipods, the upgrade kit is all that's needed to have full access to the panning and cant versatility offered by the ZRODelta setup. The cant function on the system can be fine-tuned by the end user, allowing them to customize the sensitivity of the system.

The ZRODelta DLOC-SS bipod assembly and upgrade kit are both constructed from aluminum and feature a matte-black anodized coating. The suggested retail price for the ZRODelta DLOC-SS bipod assembly is $269, while the upgrade kit retails at a suggested price of $189.


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