First Look: MDT GRND-Pod Bipod

MDT offers the GRND-Pod bipod for long-range shooters looking for a more stable platform.

posted on February 23, 2022

Creating a stable shooting platform is an absolutely essential part of making hits at long range. It doesn't matter if you're military or law enforcement performing overwatch, a hunter out in the field or a competitor in a precision-rifle match, your gun needs to be rock-solid stable when you press the trigger.

This is why so many long-range shooters rely on bipods to create a secure firing position. A bipod gives more points of contact with your environment and lets you rest the weight of your gun on the earth itself or other non-moving object, dramatically reducing the amount of rifle movement and helping you make the shot.

The MDT GRND-Pod (pronounced "Ground-Pod") was developed by MDT  for the shooter who wants a stable and secure shooting platform, but one available for purchase without breaking the bank. The MDT GRND-Pod is designed to adapt to either a Picatinny or RRS Dovetail/ARCA mounting interface and offers shooters a one-handed adjustable height range from 4.5 inches to 9 inches, with 4-locking positions in the 0 degree, 50 degree, 90 degree and 180 degree positions. The MDT GRND-Pod legs are also Atlas/Ckye-Pod foot compatible and can be fully extended just by pulling down on the legs in any position.

GRND-Pod Features

  • Height adjustable from 4.5 inches (50 degree forward position) to 9.0 inches (90 degree down position) as measured from the pivot point
  • Picatinny version weight: 15.3 ounces
  • RRS Dovetail/ARCA version weight: 16.5 ounces
  • Picatinny version cant range:: 32 degrees
  • RRS Dovetail/ARCA version cant range: 40 degrees
  • Footprint/Width: 7.9 inches - 10.9 inches
  • CKYE-POD/Atlas foot compatible
  • Materials: 6061-T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminum, Carbon Fiber and High strength polymer
  • MSRP for the GRND-Pod is $199.95

For more information on this product or other items from MDT, please visit


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