First Look: Warne Universal Scope Level

posted on June 27, 2018
As modern shooters attempt competition shots at ever-increasing distances with their long-range precision rifles, the issues of scope and rifle cant become more magnified. One way to mitigate the issue of cant is during the scope-mounting process, ensuring that your rifle and optic are completely level. However, achieving a level sight picture inside your optic becomes more of a challenge on uneven terrain in the field, and that's where the Warne Universal Scope Level becomes a must-have accessory.

As noted by Shooting Illustrated Ammo Editor Richard Mann, the human eye can only discern cant inside of a scope reticle if it appears at more than three degrees. Unfortunately, even a three-degree variance equates to a horizontal-impact difference of about 24 inches at 1,000 yards. The reason for this is, as distances increase, shooters make adjustments using reticle measurements that aren't in-line with the bullet's vertical line of flight. By adding the Warne Universal Scope Level to an already-leveled long-range platform, shooters can quickly and easily check to ensure that their precision rifle is perfectly level before making adjustments.

Each Universal Scope Level is machined from 6061 aluminum and features a ring that attaches to the circumference of the main-body tube on most go-to precision-rifle optics. Options are available to fit 1-inch, 30 mm, 34 mm and 35 mm scope tubes. At the top of the unit is a protected aluminum housing, which keeps the scope level guarded against the elements and rugged environments until needed for use. When a quick level-check is needed, users can simply pull the unit out using a knurled plug located on the side of the bubble level until the captured unit stops.

The Warne Universal Scope Level is completely ambidextrous, and the retractable design means that it won't impede in turret adjustments or during movement in tight quarters. Best of all, the unit only weighs 0.9 ounce, ensuring that it adds negligible weight to any field rifle. The suggested retail price on the Warne USL is $99.99.


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