First Look: Walther Q5 Match SF Competition C1 Holster

posted on March 3, 2019
More of today's firearm manufacturers are including an expanding assortment of extras with firearms sold to today's consumers, and Walther Arms is no exception to this trend. Soon after launching the company's competition-oriented Q5 Match SF pistol, built with an all-steel frame, Walther announced a collaboration with Veil Solutions to create a purpose-fit holster compatible with the new design: the Competition C1.

“We knew how important a high-quality competition holster is for a firearm like the Q5 Match Steel Frame, so it was a no-brainer to team up with Veil Solutions on this project,” said Bret Vorhees, director of product development at Walther Arms, Inc. “There will be holsters available from all of the popular holster manufacturers as well very soon, but it was important for Walther to offer this holster from the launch of the Steel Frame product.”

Made entirely from Kydex, the Walther Arms Q5 Match SF Competition C1 holster is approved for use in IDPA, USPSA, IPSC and 3-Gun competitions, provided that shooters use the correct mount required for each division. The Kydex shell is molded to fit the contours of the Q5 SF pistol, ensuring a friction-retention fit that keeps the gun secured until a wearer tugs upward with enough force to break the gun from these molded contours. To increase and decrease the amount of pressure holding the pistol into place, the bottom of the holster features a tension-adjustment screw.

The leading edge of the Competition C1 holster is cut with a deep sight groove that ensures clearance for a suppressor-height front-sight blade, and the holster mouth is relieved to allow clearance for a mounted red-dot optic, which the Walther Q5 SF readily accepts, thanks to a milled slide combined with optic-specific mounting plates. The other side of the holster features a generous relief cut that allows users to obtain a solid, firing grip that chokes up on the bottom side of the trigger guard without running into the lip of the holster mouth.

Each Walther Arms Competition C1 holster comes in an all-black color, and the suggested retail price on the rig is $99.99.


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