First Look: Tulster SideKick

posted on March 11, 2020

The Tulster SideKick is an innovative claw-like device that represents the latest in holster-concealment hardware. The Sidekick is a minimalistic redesign of a concealment claw or wing, improving on a growing trend in the world of concealed carry. Applied to the trigger-guard of your holster, it pushes against the backside of your EDC belt, leveraging the grip of the firearm into your side. The firearm and holster disappear into your clothing, and everyone who carries a concealed firearm every day wants better concealment, without any compromises.

Perfect for long-time Tulster end-users, as well as individuals new to concealed carry looking for maximum concealment, the SideKick easily retrofits to the holster you already own and carry every day. Intended to reduce the print of your firearm while concealing, the SideKick was designed with the same goal in mind as the rest of Tulster's innovative product line: to be ultra-concealable, comfortable and maintain the profile of your firearm. 

The Tulster SideKick was created to fill in a gap with the currently available claw or wing devices on the market. Tulster set out to develop a system which functions well with the Profile holster lineup. What sets the SideKick apart from the typical concealment claw is the direct application onto the IWB holster. Tulster has been developing the SideKick since the middle of 2019, and that time has allowed them to make sure that the SideKick was the absolute best design possible.

Unlike other concealment-enhancers, which are applied to the retention area of your holster, the placement of the SideKick on the trigger-guard prevents interference with the function of your holster. As the Tulster SideKick is applied with durable pressure-activated adhesive pads, there is no need to continually readjust or tighten your hardware. These fasteners, along with the included adhesive pen, ensure the Tulster SideKick will remain securely attached without involving complicated drilling or additional screw and post hardware kits. 

Each SideKick is milled from Delrin, a high strength and virtually indestructible polymer. With it, the company ensures rigidity when consistent pressure is applied during daily use. It’s easy to attach to almost every Tulster Profile holster, and is also compatible with some other IWB holsters that have similar trigger guard areas with a significant flat surface.

The SideKick is available as a bundle from and includes the following accessories:
Two Alcohol Prep Pads
One 3M Primer 94 Promoter Pen
Two 3M VHB Adhesive Fasteners
One Large Tulster SideKick (½ inch)
One Medium Tulster SideKick ( ⅜ inch)

The Tulster SideKick has an MSRP of $12.99, and for more information on compatible holsters, installation instructions and a list of incompatible holsters, please visit


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