First Look: Thyrm CLENS Lens Protector

posted on October 4, 2017
Thyrm announced the launch of its CLENS lens protector, a thin polymer covering sized to fit on most firearm-mounted lights to protect them from dust, debris and damage suffered through heavy use, just like the tear-off covers made for use with off-road protective eyewear.

"Our mission is to produce innovative products that address our customer’s needs," Thyrm CEO Andrew Frazier said. "Like the SwitchBack and CellVault, the CLENS improves the function of flashlights and weapon lights. There is nothing like it."

Thyrm worked together with Sage Instruments, a sister company of Sage Dynamics, after employees from both companies noticed issues with the use of weaponlights during extended range use that led to increased fouling and reduced light output.

"We noticed the degradation of light output as a student progressed in a low-light class," Sage Dynamics Instructor Aaron Cowan said. "They often struggled to get the light’s lens clean, and that process took them out of the class for a period of time. We knew that this was the answer."

The Thyrm CLENS lens protector is constructed from heat-resistant polymer that's coupled with an adhesive backing that won't break down when exposed to the high heat produced by many popular weaponlights on the market, such as those offered by SureFire and Streamlight.

Each sheet of the company's CLENS protectors are available in three sizes and comes with four separate lens covers. The large-size CLENS fits the Surefire Fury, SureFire IntelliBeam, Streamlight ProTac HL and Streamlight HL-X. The medium-size lens fits the SureFire G2X, SureFire 6PX and the Streamlight Strion. The smallest lenses can be equipped with the SureFire X300U and Scout lights.

The adhesive used in the construction of the CLENS is designed to ahere strongly to polymer rather than glass, so when the protective cover is dirtied, it can be removed easily without leaving any residue on a user's weaponlight. Each sheet of four lens covers retails for $8.99.


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