First Look: Tetra Gun Action Blaster II & Spray II Aerosol Formulas

New formulations are designed to work with the polymers that are common to today’s firearms.

posted on June 6, 2022
Tetra Gun Cleaner

FTI, Inc, the company behind Tetra Gun Care products, is releasing a new generation of cleaners and lubricants to replace the original Tetra Gun Action Blaster and Tetra Gun Spray. The new formulations keep their original names with an added “II” next to their names to differentiate this new generation from original, legacy products.

Tetra Gun Action Blaster II is an all-purpose cleaner and degreaser for firearms. The product is sprayed onto your firearm’s surfaces without disassembling it so it can then be wiped away alongside the dissolved fouling and gunk that are a byproduct of shooting. The cleaner will not leave any residues behind. Tetra Gun Action Blaster II can also be used to clean off lead and copper deposits inside a gun’s bore with a brush and patches. The newly updated formulation is intended to be safe for use on modern polymers which are increasingly found in today’s rifles, shotguns, and pistols.

Tetra Gun Spray II is a modern CLP (cleans, lubricates, protects) product that replaces the original Tetra Gun Spray and the Triple Action Spray. As with the new Action Blaster II, Tetra Gun Spray II is formulated to be safe for modern firearms with polymer frames and parts. Tetra Gun Spray II is an all in one cleaner that cuts through fouling to clean and degrease but will also leave behind a fluoropolymer film which both inhibits rust formation and protects firearm finishes; it will also keep moving parts lubricated.

Tetra Gun Action Blaster II & Spray II can both be purchased in 10-ounce cans retailing for $11.99. For more information on either of these two products or any other Tetra Gun Care product, please visit


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