First Look: TacStar AR-15 Brass Catcher

posted on April 23, 2018
A fun day at the range with your AR-15 can consist of going through hundreds of round of ammo, leaving spent shells scattered all over a range bay or in your backyard. If you're a reloader or need to keep your range space clean, picking up these pieces of spent brass can be a pain. The TacStar AR-15 Brass Catcher from Lyman Products makes managing your range brass simple and easy.

Using a built-in Picatinny rail clamp, the catcher attaches to the top rail of compatible modern sporting rifles. The bracket is designed as a low-profile attachment point that doesn't interfere with any mounted optics or impede the view through your riflescope.

Once mounted to a rifle, the mounting rail positions the open mouth of the company's brass catcher right in front of the ejection port of any AR-15, ensuring that each spent cartridge empties right into the bag. The catcher is made from heat-resistant material, so hot brass won't melt or wear the inside of the bag away.

The catcher itself is sized to hold up to 120 5.56 NATO brass cases, so users can go through a number of magazines and practice reloads without having to worry about emptying the bag. Once the TacStar AR-15 Brass Catcher fills up, though, emptying the bag is easy. Simply slide the bag off the mounting rail, empty it and then replace the bag onto the rail. No adjustment or removal of the Picatinny mounting point is necessary.

One of the stand-out elements of the TacStar Brass Catcher is the use of a machined-aluminum deflector plate that keeps the mouth of the bag wide open. This ensures the bag catches spent rounds without impeding the function of the gun by preventing cartridge cases from bouncing back at the moving bolt. The plate can be removed from the rest of the bag for cleaning.

With the Picatinny-rail mount, aluminum deflector and mesh bag together, the entire unit weighs in at just 4 ounces. The suggested retail price on the TacStar AR-15 Brass Catcher is $34.98.


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