First Look: Wilson Combat Tactical Ultralight Rifle

A lightweight AR-15 rifle built with Wilson Combat's reputation for quality.

posted on May 6, 2024
Wilson Combat Tactical Ultralight Rifle

Wilson Combat is known for making top-shelf 1911 pistols and accessories in addition to its custom long guns. The Arkansas company recently launched a new variant of the Ultralight rifle series, the Tactical Ultralight Rifle.

The Wilson Combat Tactical Ultralight Rifle is based on the standard AR-15 pattern rifle and is offered in three popular intermediate centerfire rifle cartridges, including the 5.56 NATO, .300BLK and Wilson Combat’s own .300 HAM’R cartridge. Wilson Combat builds these rifles from a forged upper and lower receiver set created to the company's own specifications and outfits these lightweight tactical rifles with a telescoping Rogers Super Stock, a lightweight 16-inch hunter profile match grade tapering barrel and an ultra-lightweight M-Lok compatible railed handguard. Wilson Combat also finishes these firearms with its signature Armor-Tuff thermally cured finish that gained attention from its use on their 1911 pistols. Unlike a standard AR-15 pattern firearm, Wilson Combat also includes a low-mass bolt-carrier group to ensure that the carbine remains as lightweight as possible.   

Wilson Combat Tactical Ultralight Rifle Features:

  • Available Calibers: 5.56 NATO, 300BLK, 300 HAM'R
  • 16-inch round ultralight hunter barrel, threaded muzzle
  • Overall Length: 33.25 inches (stock extended)
  • Weight Empty: 5 pounds, 9 ounces (300 HAM'R)
  • Mission First Tactical Grip
  • 4 inch M-Lok rail
  • Wilson / Rogers Super-Stoc 
  • WC Tactical Trigger Unit, M2
  • Nickel boron low mass bolt carrier assembly
  • Rifles can be made to order and assembled to meet California legal compliance requirements
  • MSRP: $2,150

All new Wilson Combat Tactical Ultralight rifles have a starting retail price of $2,150 regardless of chambering. These rifles can be purchased a la carte or built to order. Visit to learn more about the new Wilson Combat Ultra Light Tactical rifle or other firearms sold by Wilson Combat.


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