First Look: TacMed SOF Tourniquet

posted on March 19, 2021

Tactical Medical Solutions, LLC (TacMed) is excited to release the newest evolution of its flagship product: the SOF Tourniquet. Purposeful upgrades mean smoother and faster one-handed and two-handed applications for the most effective bleeding control.

Originating directly from experiences on the battlefield, the SOF Tourniquet draws from years of end-user feedback, material testing, and extensive research. Innovations in design include a Slack Indicator Wedge for an intuitive visual cue during application, Performance Compression Webbing that reduces loss of pressure over time, and a new buckle that is an advanced lightweight design with superior strength over previous versions. The SOF Tourniquet is strong enough to withstand exposure to the harshest environments in the world and is light enough to carry wherever needed.

Generations of the SOF Tourniquet have served first responders for nearly two decades now. From our soldiers overseas to professional and civilian first responders here at home, countless lives have been saved by having the highest quality medical gear at the point of injury. The new SOF Tourniquet continues to live up to and surpass its reputation for durability, ruggedness, and effectiveness. 

The Tourniquet Retention Assistance Clip (TRAC) assists in applications by providing a temporary control point to hold the windlass while engaging the tri-ring. This results in faster application times and doubling the security of the device when using in combination with the tri-ring during patient movements. The TRAC is also helpful during one-handed applications as well as those without much experience applying tourniquets. The TRAC is an optional accessory for application, and the windlass must still be secured in the tri-ring for proper use.

The longer 5.5-inch windlass eases the process of securing the windlass into the clip and tri-ring, increasing the effectiveness of the dual retention system. The windlass still maintains its distinct conical ends and is still  machined from a single piece of anodized aircraft-grade aluminum bar stock.

The Quick-Compression Buckle, added to the tourniquet last year, allows for smoother buckle manipulation due to its rounded edges. This also allows for easier one-handed application and overall faster application time.

MSRP for the Gen 4 SOF Tourniquet is $29.93, and more information on this item and other gear from TacMed Solutions is available at


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