First Look: SnapSafe Magnetic Safe Accessories

These new accessories let you store your gear where it is needed.

posted on February 6, 2023

Most people could probably use more storage space and organization, and do without the hassle of a major purchase or a remodeling project. This is why SnapSafe is introducing several new accessories to help keep your gear organized, maximize storage space, and increase the functionality of your gun safe.

The SnapSafe Magnetic Hook can be positioned on any exterior edge of any gun safe (or any other metal surface) It has two rubber-coated prongs to can hold range bags, binoculars, backpacks or other gear and because it's magnetic, it can be easily repositioned or moved to where it is needed. The hook is rated to hold up to 15 pounds and has an MSRP of $21.99.

SnapSafe Magnetic Gun Mount has a compact design and includes the hardware needed to attach it securely to almost any surface. It has a rubberized coating to protect your firearms from scratches and has powerful rare-earth magnets, rated to hold up to 43 pounds, that will secure a firearm until it is needed. The magnetic gun mount provides a discreet way to secure a firearm and yet ensuring rapid access when needed and has an MSRP of $23.99.

Magnetic Swivel Hook set is ideal for holding smaller items inside a gun safe or anywhere you can imagine. Inside of it are two powerful, 1 1/4 inch diameter rare-earth magnets that can attach securely to any metal surface and are easy to move around or reposition. In addition to their usefulness inside your gun safe, you can also use these magnets to on the exterior of a kitchen appliance or put one inside a locker at work, school or the gym to hold bags or jackets. MSRP for the 2-pack of Magnetic Swivel Hooks is $21.99.

SnapSafe magnetic accessories are designed to complement and maximize the space inside our gun safes. Additionally, they provide quick and easy access to gear while helping to keep it securely organized. Customers will find them helpful in the garage, kitchen, or anywhere additional storage space is needed. For more information on these products or other items from SnapSafe, please visit



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