First Look: SIG Sauer 365 Elite Performance Ammunition

posted on May 9, 2018
Following on the launch of the company's innovative P365 micro-compact concealed-carry pistol, SIG Sauer continues to roll out tailor-made products for personal defense and concealed carry. One of the company's latest introductions is its 365 Elite Performance Ammunition, made for use in popular short-barreled, sub-compact handguns designed for self-defense and daily carry.

“SIG 365 Elite Performance Ammunition is designed for exceptional performance in the new SIG P365 and other short barrel pistols,” said Bud Fini, executive vice president of the SIG Sauer Ammunition Division and Special Projects.  “We use clean-burning powders that are consumed before the projectile leaves the barrel, resulting in optimal muzzle velocity and muzzle energy.  SIG 365 FMJ ammunition is an affordable, high-performance training load, while the award-winning SIG V-Crown stacked hollow point ammunition is exceptionally effective for personal defense, delivering outstanding accuracy, reliable uniform expansion and maximum terminal performance.”

Two 9 mm loads are offered in the new SIG Sauer 365 ammunition line, one loaded for personal-defense use with the specially designed, 115-grain SIG V-Crown bullet and one loaded with a full-metal-jacket projectile designed for use in training. Both loads are constructed to provide the same consistent performance from the shooter's perspective, having been loaded on the same machinery using the same cartridge components. Each load is also designed to produce the same pressures and ballistic trajectory, so shooters who use the FMJ rounds for practice can be confident in the fact that their defensive ammo will perform to the exact specs.

The cartridge itself is produced with clean-burning powders designed to burn completely in the short time before the bullet leaves the barrel. There are several advantages of this specially designed propellant, not the least of which is the fact that muzzle flash is all but eliminated in the design, ensuring that users won't be blinded by bright flashes if they're forced to use the ammo in low-light situations. The powder also produces the ideal muzzle velocity for use in compact handguns and makes recoil much more manageable.

Each defensive round in the SIG Sauer 365 ammo line is loaded with the company's unique V-Crown bullet, designed specifically for maximum weight retention and expansion in order to dump energy into a threat. Each V-Crown projectile is loaded inside of a nickel-plated case that reduce friction, enhance protection against corrosion and aid in reliable feeding and extraction. Measured from the 3.1-inch barrel of the SIG Sauer P365, both the SIG Sauer FMJ and V-Crown 365 loads produced a muzzle velocity of 1,050 fps and a muzzle energy of 282 foot-pounds. 

The suggested retail price for a box of 20 rounds of the V-Crown-loaded defensive ammunition retails at a suggested price of $20.95, while the FMJ practice loads retail at $18.95 per box of 50.


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