20 Solid DeSantis Holsters for the SIG Sauer P365

posted on March 26, 2018
With dozens of holster fits for the popular SIG Sauer P365, DeSantis Gunhide has concealed-carry covered for the all-new micro-compact out from SIG. With company employees hard at work developing custom-tuned models of DeSantis' most popular rigs, consumers have a wide range of choices to find the concealed-carry setup that's best for them. Here are 20 of the latest DeSantis holsters designed for the SIG Sauer P365:

Inside the Waistband

1. Inside Heat ($38.99)

Made from black saddle leather, the Inside Heat is designed with everything you need in a carry rig and nothing you don't. Its minimalist design takes up little space inside the waistband, and the holster attaches to the belt via a powder-coated spring clip.

2. Tuck-This II ($43.99)

Built to allow for both strong-side and cross-draw carry, the Tuck This II holster is made from ballistic nylon and has an interior lined with low-friction pack cloth for a snag-free draw. The unique feature of this holster is the built-in magazine pouch located on the leading edge of the rig, ensuring you've always got a spare on-hand.

3. Pro Stealth ($38.99)

Like the Tuck-This II, the DeSantis Pro Stealth is constructed using padded ballistic nylon and includes a pouch for a spare magazine. The holster attaches to the belt using a powder-coated metal belt clip, which can be swapped for both left- and right-hand carry. DeSantis also sells an optional thumb-break strap.

4. Dual Carry II ($34.99)

Made from soft leather, the Dual Carry II allows for a tucked shirt to conceal a holstered handgun, thanks to the polymer C-clip that provides added space between the belt attachment and holster body. For added versatility, the rig also features an integral belt loop that allows for carry outside the waistband.

5. The Insider ($28.99)

The unmolded, soft-leather design of the Insider is designed to allow for comfortable IWB carry with minimal bulk. The spring-steel belt-attachment clip is located near the mouth of the holster to ensure that the gun sits low inside the waistband, maximizing concealment and minimizing the chance for printing.

6. Sof-Tuck ($33.99)

One of DeSantis' newest hoslter designs, the Sof-Tuck is made from suede leather that helps to anchor the rig inside the waistband, and the low-profile, tuckable J-clip minimizes any outward evidence that you're carrying a handgun. The holster mouth is reinforced with saddle leather to allow for reholstering.

7. Osprey ($69.99)

Made from premium, tanned saddle leather, the Osprey offers added versatility for the armed citizen, thanks to its ability to be carried either inside the waistband or outside the waistband, depending on user preferences. When carried IWB, the belt strap can be adjusted to the cant angle preferred by the user.

8. Cozy Partner ($81.99)

Consumers can have their Cozy Partner IWB rig in either black or tan leather, and the unique design of this holster ensures that users have a comfortable carry setup for their SIG Sauer P365. The Cozy Partner is built with a memory band that stiffens the holster mouth, enabling easy reholstering. A built-in tension screw also allows for custom retention adjustment.

Outside the Waistband

9. Nylon Mini Scabbard ($39.99)

Basic, minimalist, durable and affordable are the keywords behind the Nylon Mini Scabbard designed for the SIG Sauer P365. This holster is built light for barely noticeable OWB carry and includes a built-in tension-adjustment screw that enables owners to custom-tune their holster's retention.

10. Top Cop 2.0 ($74.99)

Made from finely detailed, molded leather, the Top Cop 2.0 is built with a reinforced opening for easy reholstering and has a built-in tension-adjustment screw for retention tuning. The holster attaches with the use of a polymer paddle, and consumers can add a slotted belt attachment that's sold separately.

11. E-Gat Slide ($34.99)

One of the newest designs from DeSantis this year is the E-Gat Slide, which offers a neutral cant that works well for both strong-side and cross-draw carry. Made from black-finished, molded leather, the holster attaches to the belt through two integrated leather belt loops.

12. Criss-Cross ($53.99)

Enhancing the traditional cross-draw holster was the goal in designing the all-new DeSantis Criss-Cross, and the company achieved its goal, producing a quick-access rig that enables users to deploy their gun instantly when needed. The rig is made from premium cowhide and features an integral belt loop that presents the gun at a comfortable cant for a solid grip. An adjustable-tension screw enables users to fine-tune the level of friction retention offered by the holster.

13. Mini Slide ($71.99)

Offering prepared individuals with a no-frills OWB design made from high-quality leather with double-reinforced seams and a detailed, molded holster fit, the Mini Slide is a classic carry choice. The holster attaches to the belt through two belt loops, and users can fine-tune holster tension with the built-in adjustment screw.

14. Thumb Break Mini Slide ($74.99)

Just like the company's Mini Slide, this holster model is constructed from finely molded leather and features reinforced stitching around two belt loops for OWB carry. What differentiates this model from the company's original Mini Slide is the addition of a thumb-break strap that provides added security for daily carry.

15. Mini Scabbard ($62.99)

One of the classic offerings from DeSantis is the company's Mini Scabbard, a bare-essentials rig made from finely molded, premium leather that provides a solid retention fit for the SIG Sauer P365. The holster can be had in black or tan unlined leather and features a built-in adjustment screw that enables users to fine-tune retention.

Pocket Carry

16. Pocket-Tuk ($29.99)

Designed as a dual-purpose rig, the Pocket-Tuk serves as a combination pocket holster/IWB holster. The rig is constructed from suede leather and features a reinforced leather opening that facilitates reholstering. The polymer belt clip can be removed for pocket carry or rotated to adjust cant while used inside the waistband.

17. Super Fly ($39.99)

One of the company's most-popular holster designs, the DeSantis Super Fly features a rubberized outer coating designed to stick in the pocket, always keeping the pistol oriented in the correct direction and ensuring that the holster remains in the pocket during a draw. The Super Fly also features an outer cover that prevents the pistol from printing.

18. Nemesis ($25.99)

Made from pack cloth, the Nemesis includes a viscous texture on the external surface of the holster, enabling it to cling to the inside of your pants pocket. The inside of the holster is slick and designed to be low friction, enabling a trouble-free draw. Between the interior and exterior, a foam core breaks up the outline of the gun to prevent printing.

Ankle Carry

19. Die Hard ($88.99)

One of the newest options from DeSantis, the Die Hard Ankle Rig is made from saddle leather with a PU coating for added durability. On the surface that contacts the ankle, a padded layer made from sheepskin ensures daily carry comfort. The holster incorporates a thumb-break strap for added security and is compatible with an optional calf strap and boot extender.

20. Apache ($57.99)

Made from nylon, the DeSantis Apache attaches to the ankle using a neoprene band with a built-in sheepskin pad that enables comfortable all-day carry. The holster designed for the SIG Sauer P365 includes a thumb-break band that secures the pistol from getting loose during movement.


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