First Look: Safariland Nexbelt L930

A secure and almost infinitely adjustable foundation for you concealed carry gear.

posted on March 27, 2023

Nexbelt and the Safariland Group are now selling the new L930 Nylon EDC Belt, an EDC (every day carry) belt that is designed for those who regularly carry a concealed firearm.. This collaborative effort resulted in a sturdy nylon belt that best caters to professional end users in the firearms industry, or anyone else who needs a sturdy belt with the ability to support heavy tactical or technical equipment. One of the interesting aspects about the L930 belt is its no-holes-needed discreet internal ratcheting system. Most traditional belts have punches with buckle holes that are spaced one inch apart, the ratcheting system of the L930 Nylon EDC Belt can be adjusted in quarter-inch increments offering a more precise and refined fit. Moreover, the belt is designed to be a one size fits most for sizes up to 50 inch waist. After receiving their new belt, all a user must do is measure and fit it to their individual size, cut off the excess and add the locking buckle.

When it comes to safely carrying handguns concealed, stiff belts are a must. Not only does the belt need to support the weight of the handgun itself as it is worn throughout the day, but the belt must also be stiff enough to keep the firearm indexed in its correct place. Besides that, a good EDC belt must be able to independently support the handgun’s holster as the handgun is drawn from it. Weaker belts that are not strong enough to support both gun and holster do not have enough tension to overcome a holster’s retention and leads to fumbled draws. 

L930 EDC Nexbelt Specifications:

  • Belt Width: 1.5 inches
  • Sizes: One Size Fits Most (up to 50 inch waist)
  • Material: High density nylon with an ultrafine polyester spine for added rigidity and stiffness
  • Adjustment: ¼-inch incremental adjustments via internal ratcheting system

The L930 Nylon EDC Netbelt is now shipping with a retail price of $68. For more information on this new nylon EDC concealment belt, visit


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