First Look: Safariland L930 Nylon EDC Belt

More adjustable than a traditional belt, with the strength to hold your gear in place on your waist.

posted on March 13, 2023
safariland nexbelt

Nexbelt is known for making a ratcheting belt system that allows for significantly more adjustments than a regular gun belt. Now Nexbelt is collaborating with The Safariland Group to create the new L930 Nylon EDC Belt.

Safariland has a well-earned reputation in the firearms industry for creating tough, duty grade holsters and tactical year, and this new gun belt is an extension of that legacy. 

A good gun belt needs to be rugged to hold up to the increased demands of carrying the weight of a defensive pistol all day long, and it should be stiff enough to distribute the weight of that pistol and other gear around your entire waist, which leads to more comfort and better concealment. The L930 Nylon EDC Belt is designed for use with the defensive sidearm and holster of your choice, but it also works in any field that requires attaching tactical and technical equipment and tools to your belt. 

The belt is manufactured with high-density nylon built from an advanced composite of ultra-fine polyester for extra stiffness and durability. In addition to this, the L930 Nylon EDC Belt has a water-repellent liner to stop sweat from seeping and staining the surface of the belt. The signature Safariland “S” is debossed in the bottom right corner of the buckle. By combining Nexbelt comfort with Safariland durability, you can carry your concealed firearm in both comfort and style.

L930 Nylon EDC Belt Features

  • One handed, on the fly, belt adjustments, especially useful when putting on, or removing an IWB holster
  • ¼-inch-incremental belt adjustments instead of standard 1-inch adjustments
  • One size fits majority of people, up to 50-inch waist, simply cut off excess and install buckle
  • 1.5 inch width

MSRP for the L930 Nylon EDC Belt is $68, and more information on this product and other gear from Safariland, please visit


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