First Look: Ruger Ready Dot Sight

A new twist on the red dot sight that uses a compact footprint.

posted on April 22, 2023
Ruger Ready Red Dot Sight

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. is releasing the new Ready Dot mounted micro reflex sight. This compact slide mounted optic is designed to work exclusively with the Ruger Max-9 handgun. However, it also shares the same footprint as the popular Shield RMSc micro red dot sight.

Mounted reflex sights on pistols of all sizes have become extremely common during the last few years, due to the fact that they allow for better target focusing while shooting, and the Ruger Ready Dot has some unique features compared to most typical slide mounted pistol reflex sights. Rather than using a battery or other electronic means to power the reticle, the Ruger Ready Dot uses the light gathering ability of fiber optics.

The unit has a fixed 15-MOA dot that is non-adjustable for either windage or elevation, but due to the nature of fiber optic materials, it automatically adjusts the brightness levels. The larger 15-MOA dot corresponds to rapid target acquisition at typical CCW engagement distances. Included with Ruger Ready Dot are a pair of M4 x 0.78mm screws and a Torx T-10 wrench to specifically install the Ready Dot onto the Ruger Max-9 handgun. Ruger Ready Dot shooters are urged to pay extra attention to the various optics adapter plates and screws used in mounting reflex sights to optics compatible handguns.

The Ruger Max-9 handgun is an ultra compact 9mm striker fired polymer framed pistol meant for concealed carry and defensive use. This pistol has a 3.2-inch barrel and carries 12 rounds in a standard capacity magazine. The slide is optics ready, and as noted above, is compatible with Ruger’s new Ready Dot. The Max 9 also includes a bold tritium fiber optic day/and night sight useful for shooting at defensive distances.

For more information on both the new Ruger Ready Dot and the Ruger Max-9 ultra compact carry handgun, please visit


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