First Look: Real Avid Bore-Max Foam

posted on January 29, 2021

Real Avid is introducing Bore-Max Bore Foam, a powerful and fast-acting copper and carbon eliminator as part of its new maximum performance gun care line of products.

Howard Tripp, Chief Innovation Officer, said, “We completed countless formulations before we arrived at the ideal compound that aggressively dissolves copper but is also safe for the bore. From the very first application, we wanted to ensure we were dissolving every bit of exposed copper in the bore to deliver maximum results on each soak. Bore-Max accomplishes that objective in spades.”

“Our goal is to be the number one cleaning company in the world by equipping gun owners with the most effective and easiest to use cleaning chemicals, kits, and tools,” Tripp commented. “We stepped back and took a holistic approach to the entire process of gun cleaning. Without spilling all the beans, you will see some other exciting new Real Avid products emerging soon that we developed in tandem with our chemical line that will drastically change the way people clean and care for their guns.” 

One of the priorities for the Real Avid engineers who developed this foam was reducing any harsh chemical odor.

“I hate the smell of old school bore solvent, especially in a confined space,” Tripp commented. While Bore-Max is the most powerful and fast acting copper solvent we could make, it does not contain any harsh smelling chemicals”.

Bore-Max Bore Foam is a powerful foaming solvent that expands and penetrates to rapidly dissolve copper and soften powder fouling. The foam is formulated to safely and effectively remove copper fouling in lands and grooves without any harsh smelling chemicals. The unique foaming agent in Bore-Max quickly and evenly expands within the bore and delivers the chemicals.

Dissolving copper is a priority for any bore solvent. Bore Max Bore Foam is chemically formulated to effectively and safely attack copper build-up, making the job of cleaning your guns go a little faster. This rapidly expanding foam fills the lands and grooves from chamber to muzzle and fully coats all of the surfaces inside the bore.

MSRP for a 12 ounce can of Bore-Max Bore Foam is $12.99. More information on this product and other gear from Real Avid can be found at



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