First Look: Real Avid Smart Torq Torque Driver

posted on August 31, 2020

Real Avid is launching the new Smart Torq, a technically advanced inch-pound torque driver specifically developed for optics mounting and gun builds. Precision scope mounting requires single-digit inch-pound torque to properly mount scope bases and rings in order to achieve a rock-solid foundation.

The  Real Avid Smart Torq is a Master Grade tool which features discrete inch-pound increment settings for spot-on torque adjustments. The Smart Torq has a 10 to 70 inch-pound range, which allows users to quickly adjust the tool to their desired setting. The adjustment knob improves the ease and accuracy of setting torque, and an audible and tactile “click” indicates 1 inch-pound of adjustment (10 inch-pounds per full rotation). The fine pitched threads on the Smart Torq is easily adjusted through the scale settings range and requires no secondary manipulation.

“We paid a lot of attention to the details of this tool design and user interface. You don’t need exceptional hand strength to tighten fasteners. It has rubber grip ridges and a jeweler’s spin top that allows the user to easily apply torque while applying downward pressure. We feel certain it will deliver an upgraded user experience as the first Master Grade tool in this category designed especially and exclusively for optics mounting and gun DIY”, said Dave Steiner, President of Real Avid.

The  rubberized grip on the Smart Torq combines with the Force Assist handle/driver to make tightening screws and fasteners in order to easily reach precise torque settings. Force Assist provides the ability to securely seat the main driver and bit (with the free spinning cap) into the screw vertically while applying torque leverage from the perpendicular plane. This not only provides an easier way to manipulate the tool but allows the user to keep the bit properly seated to prevent slipping and stripping.

Howard Tripp, chief innovation officer at Real Avid, said, “Building and upgrading guns and mounting scopes have become the bedrock of gun DIY. Providing DIY installers the ability to confidently match those specifications has become more important than ever. Smart Torq provides discrete one inch-pound increment settings to precisely match manufacturer’s torque specifications. Another great feature of the Smart-Torq is the well thought-out ergonomics.

With a driver handle that can be easily gripped with even smaller hands, driving fasteners and applying torque is very comfortable and easy and with the addition of Force-Assist, an extra leverage point is provided which allows the user to maintain alignment and vertical downward force while turning the tool along the horizontal axis.”

Smart Torq also features a unidirectional toothed clutch which allows the ability to back out screws and fasteners without tripping the torque clutch in reverse. The toothed clutch also extends the life of the tool when compared to the ball-bearing mechanisms used in other drivers. The Smart Torq also comes with a premium high-density foam core fabric storage case, a Force Assist handle/driver, and 11 bits that fit most optics mounting rings and base brands.

The bit set also includes a square drive adapter bit to utilize with ¼-inch sockets (sockets not included).

Real Avid Smart-Torq Specifications:

  • Smart-Torque with a 10 to 70 inch-pound range
  • Ergonomic rubberized grip
  • Unidirectional toothed clutch
  • Force Assist handle/driver
  • Premium high-density foam core fabric storage case
  • Included bits: T10, T15, T20, T25, 3mm Hex, 5/32 Hex, 3/16 Hex, 7/64 Hex, 90-6 Flat, 38-4 Flat, 60-5 Flat

MSRP for the Smart Torq is $79.99, and more information on this product as well as other items from Real Avid is available at  


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