First Look: RamRodz Rifle and Barrel Cleaners

posted on August 16, 2018
As the AR-15 is one of the most-popular guns owned by firearm enthusiasts today, there's a huge aftermarket of accessories aimed at owners of this ubiquitous platform. Of course, most accessories are aimed at enhancing the range experience, offering faster loading, more-accurate shooting, easier transport and more. However, tools that many AR owners don't consider that are of equal importance are rifle-specific cleaning tools like RamRodz Rifle and Barrel Cleaners.

"RamRodz eliminates the need for old-style patches, does a better job and is more versatile than snake," said Ian Vinci, president of RamRodz, Inc. "You can now enjoy gun cleaning without the hassle or mess in a fraction of the time."

Unlike many general-purpose cleaning tools on the market, most of which are separated by bore size alone, the RamRodz cleaners are designed particularly to help AR enthusiasts keep their guns in peak condition. As any AR owner knows, the rifle is filled with hard-to-reach corners and tight spots that accumulate carbon build-up and other byproducts of shooting, such as the locking lugs in the chamber and the corresponding teeth on the bolt itself require scrubbing with a pointed tip, and that's included on the new Rifle and Barrel Cleaners.

The all-cotton tip is made from a low-lint blend that won't tear up and collect on the inside of your rifle and is specifically shaped to help get into the hard-to-reach spots of the AR platform, like slide rails, firing-pin channels and extractors. The tip is also durable enough to chisel away fouling, and the bamboo handle is strong enough to stand up to vigorous cleaning and flexible enough to reach into tight spots.

Included with each pack of RamRodz Rifle and Barrel Cleaners is an adapter that allows users to attach the cleaning tip to any standard cleaning rod. The tip can then be pushed through the barrel to wipe away fouling. Each cleaning tool is biodegradeable and can be disposed without any special procedures. Each bag includes 300 cleaning tools, and the suggested retail price per bag starts at $8.79.


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