3 barrel lengths

How Short is Too Short?

You do know that shorter barrels mean slower velocities, right?

First Look: Girsan MC14T Lady Pistol

The tip up barrel makes it stand out, even without the distinctive fit and finish.

First Look: Ballistic Advantage Pistol Barrels

Known for their rifle barrels, Ballistic Advantage is now moving into pistol barrels.

First Look: 18- and 20-inch-barrel Hellion Rifles From Springfield Armory

All the great features of the original bullpup version, plus a little more.

First Look: Lone Wolf Barrels for the P365

Known for their Glock accessories, Lone Wolf is trying something new.

The Very Special .38 Special

Despite its advanced age, the quintessential revolver round has a lot going for it.

First Look: Howa 6.5 PRC Carbon Elevate Rifle

A carbon fiber wrapped barrel and a carbon fiber stock means a very lightweight gun.

Review: Taurus 856 TORO

Taurus’s new revolver has most of the old-school features of the classic fightin’ wheelgun, with one big concession to modernity.

First Look: Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro OSP with Threaded Barrel

Now it's easier for a popular concealed carry pistol to go quiet.

First Look: EAA MC 14 T Pistol by Girsan

A .380 ACP pistol that's easy to load and easy to shoot.

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