First Look: PHLster Skeleton Holster For the Glock G42

A small and slim holster for a small and slim pistol.

posted on December 2, 2023
PHLster Skeleton Glock G42

PHLster Holsters has just launched a new fit for its Skeleton holster series for the .380 ACP slimline Glock G42 semi-automatic pistol. The PHLster Skeleton is a formed-Kydex IWB (inside the waistband) holster designed around micro-compact, sub-compact and slimline guns which are extremely popular for personal defensive carry these days. This holster has already been available for pistol models such as the Sig Sauer P365, the Glock G48, Glock G43, Springfield Hellcat and the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield. Now the .380 ACP Glock G42 will be part of the lineup. In addition to the standard IWB positioning, PHLster designed the Skeleton to work just fine as an appendix inside the waistband (AIWB) holster. All Skeleton holsters include a single 1.5 inch wide clip in addition to a Modwing, which is a special insert intended to put pressure against the belt or similar flat surface and push the holstered gun back against the body for more streamlined concealment.

The PHLster Skeleton is also an integral part of the PHLster Enigma Express Concealment Systems, which uses the Skeleton as the holster component of the rig. This system is one of PHLster’s most popular products and it serves as a “beltless” holster system that skips the traditional pants, holster and belt handgun concealment combination. It allows wearers more latitude with how they dress around their defensive firearms while also being compatible with virtually all body shapes and sizes.

The Glock G42 pistol, which made its original debut around 2014, is a six-round .380 ACP ultra-compact single stack polymer framed semi-automatic handgun. This model is unique because it was Glock’s first ever slimline gun and because it uses a Browning delayed blowback mechanism as opposed to straight blowback actions seen on the most similar .380 ACP pistols.

MSRP for the PHLster Skeleton holster is $99, and for more information on this product or other gear from PHLster, please visit


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