First Look: PHLster Holsters Modular Wedge Kit

Mix and match these soft and durable foam pieces for a perfect holster fit.

posted on September 28, 2022
Phlster Modular Wedge Kit

PHLster holsters, the holster company behind products like the Floodlight and the Enigma concealment system, has just released a new product, the Modular Wedge Kit.

Over the years, many people have strategically affixed specially-shaped pieces of different sorts of foams, soft plastics or even pieces of footwear inserts to their holsters in order to tuck and tweak the angle of the holstered handgun against the beltline and body to maximize personal concealability and comfort. Using its creativity and experience, PLHster decided to roll out a convenient 12-piece wedge kit with commonly-used shapes and sizes, allowing users to experiment and find the wedge shape that suits them best, without having to source and cut material piecemeal. While many companies that cater to concealed carriers also sell their own type of wedge, the Modular Wedge Kit prevents the risk and hassle of having to purchase and ship a particular wedge that may or may not end up working for each person. Another problem is that many of the materials that concealed carriers have creatively employed to create these also cause discomfort, hot spots or excessive sweat. This is why PHLster’s kit is made up of the same type of hi-tech foam that’s found in modern combat helmets.

PHLster’s website elaborates: “The Modular Holster Wedge Kit modules come as a sheet of parts. Each module contains a proprietary viscoelastic foam encapsulated in stretchy plastic, RF welded in a fabric cover. Based on the technology from state-of-the-art ballistic helmet pads, the Modular Holster Wedges are extremely comfortable, retain their shape, reject sweat and moisture, and reduce uncomfortable rubbing and skin shear compared to other wedge materials. The fabric outer layer glides over the foam capsule and feels more like a firm gel than the typical foam wedge. 

The Modular Wedge Kit retails for $44. The company advises those who purchase this kit that they should expect to replace individual wedges over extended periods of time for best results. The Modular Wedge Kit also carries a 12 month limited warranty. For more information on the Modular Wedge Kit, please visit PHLster’s website at


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