First Look: OSS HX-QD 556Ti Suppressor

posted on July 28, 2020

Mounting a suppressor on your firearm is an effective way to minimize the sound and muzzle flash. This makes suppressors a popular choice for people looking to enjoy all the fun of the shooting sports, while reducing the noise pollution on the people around you.

OSS Suppressors is introducing a new model to its line of popular 5.56-caliber suppressors, the HX-QD 556Ti. The HX-QD 556Ti takes advantage of OSS’s patented Flow-Through and Torque-Lock technologies, and is constructed from a combination of Grade 5/Grade 9 Titanium and 17-4 stainless steel. All of this is topped off with a newly-designed flash cap that virtually eliminates all muzzle flash.

“We’re excited to add OSS’s new 556Ti to our line at Silencer Shop,” said Elliot Aquila, Chief Marketing Officer for Silencer Shop. “Their Flow-Through suppressors have become increasingly popular for us. The HX-QD 556Ti—with its combination of light weight, full-auto rating, superior accuracy and repeatability, will prove to be a strong addition to our 556 offerings.”

It joins the updated HX-QD 556 and 556K models (with the new flash cap) to offer superior suppression and an unmatched shooting experience for AR-15 rifle owners. And unlike other 5.56 titanium suppressors, the HX-QD 556Ti has a stainless-steel core that delivers durability in excess of 40,000 rounds vs. all titanium suppressors that last a fraction of that.

“Only OSS’s unique Flow-Through design directs expanding gas away from the bore line, routing it forward, through coils and deflectors, and then out the muzzle,” said Jake VanAllen, Director of Commercial and LE Sales for OSS Suppressors. “Sound levels are effectively suppressed at the shooter’s ear, toxic gas blowback, rifle recoil and flash are mitigated, and weapon performance is improved. It’s a difference you can feel."

More information on the new HX-QD 556Ti suppressor and other items from OSS suppressors is available at


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