First Look: New Rimfire Rifles from CZ USA

Three new choices for the bolt-action 22 market.

posted on February 21, 2024
CZ rimfire

CZ USA is releasing three new rimfire rifles that it added to its current CZ 457 bolt-action product family. These new rimfire rifles include the CZ 457 Manners MTR rifle, the new 457 Chassis rifle and the new 457 Stainless Synthetic rifle. All these new rimfire additions are designed with accuracy and precision in mind, making them ideal for rimfire shooting competitions and small game hunting tasks.

CZ 457 Manners MTR

This is a lightweight full size .22-caliber rifle that weighs in at less than 6 pounds. The CZ 457 Manners MTR includes a carbon-fiber and fiberglass composite Manners MTR that is also fully adjustable. The barrel on this model has a thicker varmint or bull barrel profile and measures 16.2 inches; it includes a threaded muzzle for rimfire suppressor use too. This configuration is being made in a limited run of only 500 units.

CZ 457 Chassis Rifle

Designed around serious rimfire competition, the action in this CZ 457 variant is attached to a 24-inch barrel which is bedded and mated to an MDT ACC Premier Chassis. From a big picture perspective, this rifle is laid out like any serious PRS rig. This rifle is specifically outfitted with the 24-inch barrel to keep that full-size PRS rifle feel to it, but with a .22-caliber rimfire bore instead of the larger centerfire bores one encounters among these types of rifles. The MDT ACC Premier Chassis is fully adjustable for length of pull and cheek riser sight, includes s modern MDT precision rifle vertical pistol grip and the fore end had an Arca rail attachment point. Like the Manners model, this only also has a limited production run of 500 units.

CZ 457 Stainless Synthetic

This model isn’t as “exotic” as the other two, rather, it is a more traditionally configured field gun that has a 20.5 inch barrel with a threaded muzzle in order to hunt with a suppressor. It uses industry standard ½x28-tpi threads.

These new rifles are all covered under CZs transferable limited lifetime warranty. To learn more about these three new rimfire additions or other rifles, shotguns or pistols offered by CZ, please visit


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