I Carry Spotlight: New for 2023 CZ 75 A01 SD Optics Ready Pistol

In today's I Carry spotlight we take a look at the New-for-2023 CZ 75 A01 SD Optics Ready pistol.

posted on February 3, 2023

New for 2023 from CZ-USA is the CZ 75 A01-SD OR pistol. Breaking down the name, it's a classic double-action/single action pistol in CZ's storied CZ 75 line, with the A01 line an outgrowth of the excellent Shadow series of pistols from CZ's custom shop. Featuring a forged steel frame, cold-hammer forged 5-inch barrel, 8.7-inch overall length, 19+1-round capacity and 47-ounce weight, this is aimed more at the competitive-shooting market than concealed carry, although it can certainly work in that purpose with the right gear.

Continuing with the name, the "SD" indicates the short dustcover, differentiating it from the LD series (long dustcover) that runs the full length of the pistol. Shortening the dustcover in the SD takes 4 ounces off the total weight of the pistol. Obviously, the "OR" stands for "optics ready," with two plates available, one for the RMR footprint and one for the DeltaPoint Pro footprint.

We had a chance to run the new CZ 75 A01 SD OR at a pre-SHOT Show media event held at Gunsite Academy, and found the pistol to be an absolute joy to shoot. The trigger, even in the heavier double-action pull, is smooth and crisp; the single-action pull is light and extremely easy to shoot. The gun's heft makes recoil ridiculously easy to manage, with follow-up shots and even Gunsite's "hammer pair" easy to keep on target. From a shooter's perspective, this is a gun you can and will want to shoot all day long. 

MSRP on the CZ 75 A01 SD OR pistol is $2,699.99. More information on this pistol can be found at cz-usa.com.


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